Breach and Attack
Simulation (BAS)

Comprehensive security validation, measurement,
and optimization for organizations of all sizes.

Continuously Validate Security Control
Effectiveness with Production-Safe
Threat Assessments

Cymulate BAS solutions safely conduct threat activities, tactics, techniques, and procedures in production environments to validate security control effectiveness.

Validate Security Resilience

Realistic testing of security architecture reduces exposure risk

Optimize SecOps and Incident Response

Continuous, automated validation of security operations processes, efficiency and efficacy

Rationalize Investments

Justify or protect budgets by showing control efficacy and coverage gaps

Benchmark Cyber Performance

Measure, track, and report cybersecurity KPIs and overall threat exposure

Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation Portfolio

Cymulate BAS Scenarios 

  • Out-of-the-box Test Scenarios​
  • Security Control Validation​
  • Immediate Threats Intelligence​
  • Full Kill-Chain Scenarios​
  • MITRE & NIST Mappings​

Cymulate BAS Advanced Scenarios 

  • Custom Attack Simulations​
  • MITRE & NIST Mapping​

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Security Control Validation

Security is built upon a layered defense that needs continuous testing to assess if controls are working effectively. Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation tests for detection and alerting on threats to confirm that controls are functioning correctly or if threats can evade them. Each vector is scored independently and aggregated for an overall risk score based on industry-standard frameworks.

Email Gatweway

Native Filters – 3rd Party

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Web Gateway

Firewalls – Proxies – Filters

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Web App Firewall

Website / App Defenses

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Endpoint Security

EDR – AV – Native Controls

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Data Loss Prevention

DLP – Email-based CASB

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Realistic Control Testing

Offensive testing based on threat actor techniques and tactics – simulated safely

Mitigation Guidance

Clear steps to remediate, close gaps and reduce exposure

Continuous Validation

Repeat assessments to validate mitigations and identify drift


Scheduled and automated testing provides the flexibility to test on demand or upon threat updates

Risk Scoring

Track and trend risk scores for continuous improvement. Benchmark against peers

Identify Exposure to Latest Active Threats ​

Continuous updates with new assessments for
current active and emerging threats​.

Immediate Threats

Validate Security
Architecture Against
APT Attacks

Test the full stack of cyber controls vs. simulated full
kill-chain APT attacks – from attack delivery to
exploitation and post-exploitation.

Full Kill Chain APT

Cymulate BAS Capabilities

Comprehensive Dashboard

Data-driven simulations and insights into breach feasibility for
proactive risk management​.

  • Responsive dashboard shows security control health by
    control and in aggregate
  • Intuitive user interface provides an easy drill down into details
  • Extensive vendor integrations to maximize operational
    efficiency while minimizing risk exposure​
  • Remediation insights provide straightforward guidance

Simulation Scenarios

  • Sourced from real-world attacks using known adversary
    Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP’s)
  • Over 120,000 attack simulations provided in safe and
    effective, ready-to-use broad-spectrum templates
  • Custom templates, attacks, binaries, and executions
    available through scenarios and template building tools​
  • Scenarios to assess across the entire Cybersecurity Kill-
    Chain and with integrated support for MITRE ATT&CK®

Actionable Reporting

  • Reporting with risk scores, attack summaries, and
    optimization insights
  • Increased information sharing and collaboration between
    Red, Blue, and Purple Teams​
  • Executive reporting with industry benchmarking
  • Mapping to MITRE ATT&CK®
  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Investment decision support – Discover redundancies,
    ineffective controls, perform product comparisons, etc.

Mitigation Guidance

  • Mitigation methodologies for each discovered gap
  • Multiple pathways for remediation provided
  • SIGMA support for data sharing
  • Integrations with EDR/XDR, SIEM, SOAR, and other tools
    for correlation of data to facilitate more targeted
    remediation actions

MITRE ATT&CK® Reporting

  • Reports include mapping to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework
  • Custom scenario components are mapped to MITRE ATT&CK®
    tactics and techniques
  • Heatmaps show areas of strengths and gaps


The attack surface constantly changes, requiring organizations to plan for an react to these changes.
Cymulate provides extensive attack simulation and immediate threat testing across on-premises, cloud,
and hybrid infrastructure and supports a wide variety of operating systems.

Environments and Infrastructure On-premises, Networks, Applications, Active Directory - Cymulate


  • Internal Systems
  • Legacy Applications
  • User Networks

Environments and Infrastructure Cloud, Azure, AWS, GCP - Cymulate


  • IaaS
  • Containers
  • Serverless/APIs

Attack Surface Management - Environments and Infrastructure - Cymulate


  • Remote Workers
  • Shared Services
  • Cloud Storage

Operating System
Breach and Attack Simulation Operating Systems Windows - Cymulate


  • Desktop
  • Servers
  • Virtual

Breach and Attack Simulation Operating Systems Linus - Cymulate


  • RedHat
  • Debian
  • Forked Distributions

Breach and Attack Simulation Operating Systems MacOS - Cymulate


  • Intel
  • Apple Silicon
  • 10.13 and higher

Backed By the Industry

Gartner Peer Insights - 4.8 to 5 Star Rating for Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Tools - Cymulate

94% of BAS Reviewers Recommend

4.7/5 Rating for Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Tools

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Cymulate Recognized as Top Innovation Leader in the Frost & Sullivan Frost Radar Report

Cymulate Recognized as Top Innovation Leader

F&S recognized in their Frost Radar™️ Global BAS, 2022 report

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As Euronext’s cybersecurity team, we know that cybersecurity is always a work in progress. Cymulate allows us to fill a gap that for a long time was not closed directly, but only indirectly with other security controls. We recommend anyone looking for a breach and attack simulation platform turn to Cymulate.

Jorge Ruão, Head of Security Operations, Euronext,

I believe that no matter what is the team size we have, we will always have a backlog of projects and tasks. Cymulate helps us to prioritize them and focus on issues that carry the most risk for the business, this has increased our effectiveness, we aren’t wasting valuable resources. Furthermore, I can present to our executives a return on security investments by showing them how each project has reduced our risk score.

Avi Branch, IT Support Technician, Brinks

Many times, our CISO or senior members would come to security operations after reading about a new threat or APT group in the news, asking are we at risk? Cymulate enables us to answer quickly and confidently with the Immediate Threats module and attack simulations.

Karl Ward, Lead Security Operations Analyst, Quilter,
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Cymulate BAS validates cybersecurity controls by safely conducting threat activities, tactics, techniques, and procedures in production environments.

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