Free Continuous Security
Validation Course

Become an Expert on Managing Your Company's Security Posture

Get a fundamental understanding of and practice building an effective offensive strategy within your enterprise.
This course includes a series of academic and hands-on modules.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible for 8 CPE points.

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Module #1
Building an Effective Offensive
Security Program
  • The Need for an Offensive Security Program 45 min
  • Offensive Security Assessment Types 20 min
  • The Modern Offensive Security Program 45 min
  • Understanding TTP’s 30 min
  • MITRE ATT&CK Overview 45 min
  • Continuous Security Validations - Operations 45 min
  • CSV Advanced 45 min
Module #2
Understanding Offensive
Security Hands-On
  • Offensive Security – Hands on Introduction 45 min
  • Offensive Security Assessment Types 20 min
  • Security Operations: Privilege Escalation 45 min
  • Windows Local Privilege Escalation Techniques 30 min
  • Lateral Movement Overview 45 min
  • Lateral Movement with Windows NTLM 45 min
  • Deep Dive on Sunburst the Solarwinds Attack 45 min
  • Deep Dive on the Emotet Attacks 45 min

Earn a badge to proudly share! Earning criteria:

Successful completion of all modules and challenges included in the two Cymulate Security Validation Courses.

"The more I learn about Cybersecurity the more I believe that a practical hands-on is the best approach to learn this much required and needed domain.

I believe everyone interested in Cybersecurity needs to have a go at this awesome course, I might sound like I'm exaggerating but only when you try it out you would know why I love this course.”

Rahif Bshennaty
Cybersecurity Analyst

"The Cymulate online course on Rangeforce is a good mix of theory and hand-on exercises to give an understanding of the offensive security strategies.

The detailed explanation of few attacks like solar winds attack and emotet gives insights on how the APT groups work and their attack patterns."

Nikhil N.
Manager, Insurance

"I enjoyed this course which had a mix of theory and hands-on exercises to enforce an understanding of the security topics that were presented. The breakdowns of real-world attacks provided additional insights on how these groups work which was good, I would recommend this course to anyone interested in understanding offensive strategies"

Chris Visagie
Solutions Executive