15 Ways XSPM Increases Cybersecurity ROI


CISOs and SOC leaders are often sorely lacking in specifics and metrics to prove Cybersecurity ROI. Stuck in the middle, executive leadership typically lack cyber expertise and struggles to know what to ask and how to get the answer they need. To make matters worse, with an average of 45 different security tools under management, organizations’ SOCs are drowning in excessive complexity.

Sound familiar?

This often leads to overlapping capabilities generating duplicate, sometimes contradictory data,  The perilous absence of other needed functionalities is hidden, which might lead to unmonitored security gaps.

With an Extended Security Posture Management solution, the lack of specifics and metrics is solved. With easy-to-understand baselines and reporting, ROI is measurable and defendable.

Curious to see 15 more ways XSPM increases cybersecurity ROI?

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