Webinar – 2022 Data Breaches Study; Methods, Implications, and Prevention


In this annual report, Cymulate surveyed over 800 enterprises looking at root causes, impacts, and outcomes of cyber breaches as well as assessing key mitigating practices, solutions, and testing practices that helped minimize the frequency, damage, and duration of such attacks.

Survey participants came from every industry, size, and region of the world and included a wide array of varying positions.

While some of the report’s outcomes are to be expected there were many surprises as well.

Watch the webinar to find the answers to:

  • What are the types and sources of enterprise breaches?
  • What is the business and IT impact of breaches – both in damage and duration?
  • What is the make-up of the breach team?
  • What are the post-breach consequences such as outside consulting services required, fines, public disclosure, and lost business?