How Adopting an Offensive Cybersecurity Strategy is the Best Defense


Digital innovation, which has fueled industry growth, is also being used extensively by our adversaries. We have seen a dramatic increase in success by both nation-state and criminal threat actors. Our cybersecurity strategy must change to include adversary techniques.

Especially since increasing security budgets have not prevented the record-breaking amount of breaches in 2020.

This talk dives into how various adversaries are attacking organizations with a high level of success. How understanding and even adopting some of these offensive techniques offer the best methods to build defensive strategies against them.

David Kennedy is a regular contributor and subject matter expert on cybersecurity stories for Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC, and other high-profile media outlets. His tools have been featured on TV shows and movies, and he served as Technical Consultant for the critically acclaimed show Mr. Robot.

Dave Klein is veteran cybersecurity professional with extensive enterprise and US federal and state, and local government experience. He has worked on many incident response cases and worked on the Presidential Directive for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.