GUD Gains Control of its Attack Surface Across 17 Subsidiaries with Cymulate ASM

In an era of intensifying cyber threats, GUD Holdings Limited strategically partnered with Cymulate to enhance its cybersecurity defenses across 17 subsidiaries. This proactive approach centered on implementing Cymulate’s advanced Attack Surface Management (ASM) solutions, significantly strengthening GUD’s ability to manage and secure its extensive attack surface.


This case study details the collaboration between GUD and Cymulate, showcasing how GUD leveraged cutting-edge technology to streamline cybersecurity operations and safeguard against evolving threats. Discover how this initiative enabled GUD to automate critical security processes, achieve comprehensive visibility of external assets, and enhance overall cyber resilience.


Read on to learn more about this pivotal partnership and its impact on GUD’s security posture, including the automation of asset discovery, vulnerability detection, and the strategic prioritization of risks.


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