Insights for CISOs: Cybersecurity Implications of the War in Ukraine


The war in Ukraine changed geopolitics in Europe and the NATO alliance faster than anyone could have imagined. Sanctions, flight bans, technology sales bans, asset seizures, and the inability to use the SWIFT system have been used to apply pressure on the Russian government.



One under-reported aspect of the war is the cybersecurity dimension. It remains to be seen whether sanctions and technology sales bans will drive new waves of ransomware attacks and cyber economic espionage as a means to fuel the continued modernization of the Russian economy.



Cybersecurity executives from Finland, Slovakia, and Israel have come together with Frost & Sullivan to discuss the potential cybersecurity implications of the largest war in Europe since World War 2 and offer well-balanced opinions on the use of Russian cybersecurity products in a world that has changed dramatically since February 24th, 2022.