Log4j Success Kit

Log4j Success Kit

The Log4j vulnerability is going to affect cybersecurity for a long time. The director of US Cybersecurity and infrastructure agency CISA, Jen Easterly has described it as “one of the most serious that I’ve seen in my entire career, if not the most serious.”

This exploit is already infecting millions of devices and putting countless companies’ assets on the line.

We’ve collected relevant and practical resources to help you:

  • Understand how the Log4j exploit works and the path of attack a threat actor could take to attain assets.
  • Develop a response plan to assess and validate your security posture to minimize risk.
  • Conceptualize how Cymulate’s platform optimizes your security stance and reduces exposure.

Download the Success Kit containing a video, webinar, brochure, and helpful blog posts to receive all the information you need to get started assessing your risk.