Ransomware Interviews

Ransomware Interviews

Our Ransomware Interviews series is an opportunity to sit down with experts in the cybersecurity industry to discuss the current state of ransomware attacks, the fastest-growing concern among CISOs and CEOs alike. In each interview with Cymulate’s Director of Cyber Evangelism, Dave Klein, our interviewees discuss whether paying ransoms is ever good, what can be done to protect businesses, and whether the legislature will catch up enough to do any damage to malicious groups targeting these pay-outs.


The Ransomware Interviews: Chris Roberts

Hacker and researcher, Roberts is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on counter threat intelligence and vulnerability research within the Information Security industry.


The Ransomware Interviews: Christopher Burgess

Christopher Burgess is an author, speaker, and insider threat & counter-espionage expert with over 30 years of experience in the CIA.


The Ransomware Interviews: Bryan Hurd

As a cybercrime expert with 30 years of experience, Bryan Hurd has designed cyber counterintelligence programs for the US Navy, DoD, and Microsoft.


Ransomware Interviews: Seth Hammerman

A seasoned cybersecurity veteran with experience in everything from endpoint to cloud, Seth has spent years working at McAfee and other high-level cyber enterprises.