Manage Vulnerabilities with Vulnerability Prioritization Technology


Deciding which vulnerability to tackle first can be overwhelming for even the most veteran cybersecurity professionals.

Especially when a CVSS score doesn’t consider compensating controls, the chance of being exploited, or evaluating the actual risk posed by a vulnerability. Without this information, you can’t know for sure which vulnerability poses the most risk for your organization and should be patched first. Without perspective or context, teams often waste time and resources which can lead to costly patching windows and possibly a breach anyways.

With Cymulate’s Vulnerability Prioritization Technology, these challenges are easily resolved.

Vulnerability Prioritization Technology empowers organizations to:

  • Reduce risk by patching exploited vulnerabilities quickly
  • Cut costs of patching low-risk vulnerabilities
  • Increase team efficiency and maximize resources

Learn more about what you can get (and get back) with added context and vulnerability prioritization in our brochure.