Technology Alliances

Your organization's security posture is affected by many different variables - both known
and unknown - that are constantly changing. Together with our technology ecosystem
partners, Cymulate empowers security leaders to maximize operational efficiency while
minimizing risk exposure.

Technology Alliances - Cymulate
Why Integrate SIEM With Cymulate?​

Together with our SIEM Partners, Cymulate can help organizations fine-tune their configuration to ensure better coverage of security incidents, provide additional context to security events to help prioritize and optimize response efforts to ensure that the most critical threats are addressed first.

Why Integrate EDR With Cymulate?​

Cymulate continuously tests the effectiveness of EDR solutions to provide organizations with more robust and effective cybersecurity posture management. Together with our EDR ecosystem partners we can uncover security gaps that can expose organizations to threats, provide insights to prioritize and optimize response efforts, and give organizations a more proactive and comprehensive approach to its cybersecurity posture.

Why Integrate Vulnerability Management With Cymulate?

Together with our Vulnerability Management partners, Cymulate can help identify vulnerabilities and prioritize them based on their severity, while testing and validating remediation efforts to ensure the organization’s systems and applications are secure. Automating vulnerability testing can make security teams more efficient and reduce the burden on IT to identify vulnerabilities and move quickly to reduce the risk of successful attacks.

Why Integrate your SOAR and GRC Systems with Cymulate?

With the Cymulate integration, organizations leverage assessment data within other platforms and workflows which permits higher levels of automation and streamlined compliance operations.

Why Use Ticketing Solutions Integrated With Cymulate?

Together with our Ticketing Systems partner, we help organizations improve their security posture by providing security teams with increased visibility and improved remediation efforts by automatically generating tickets for identified security issues. With an integrated ticketing system, security teams can streamline workflows and reduce the time it takes to respond to security incidents.

Why Integrate your Firewall Systems with Cymulate?

Together with our Firewall Systems partners we challenge an organization’s network firewall against a comprehensive set of attacks to validate inbound and outbound communication’s configuration settings and policies. This integration enables the results to appear directly in Cymulate’s reports so organizations can respond to threats faster and streamline remediation.

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Visibility Across The Full
Cyber Kill-Chain

Assure daily the operational effectiveness of your security stack
that protect your IT environment, cloud initiatives, and critical
data against threat evolutions

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The Partner Ecosystem

The Cymulate Security Posture Management Platform is a SaaS solution
which makes it simple to measure and improve security posture across
the full attack kill-chain.
Cymulate integrates with various SIEM partners to validate, augment,
and benefit existing security solutions, while automating and
simplifying security control validation.
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“Cymulate has been helping me to evaluate my security posture against behavior based as well zero day threats.”
– IT Security & Risk Management Associate

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“Technical capabilities provided are outstanding, customer service is highly responsive and product mgmt. is flexible in supporting us with our requests.”
– Security Operations Analyst

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“The Cymulate BAS is delivering excellent outcomes, contributing significantly to enhancing my security effectiveness.”
– IT Security & Risk Management Associate

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“My experience with the platform was exceptional. It delivers on its promises with easy navigation, effective mitigation steps, and top-notch after sales support.”
– Chief Risk Manager

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“Always willing to help offering training sessions and encourage use of the product’s additional available features.”
– Senior Software Engineer

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“I believe that Cymulate brings a vision of risks, vulnerabilities and actions that we are unable to pay attention to in our work day.”
– Security Operations Specialist

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“The range and breadth of attack scenarios, potential targets and how well each tool integrates is really excellent.”
– Penetration Tester

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“We had an excellent experience with Cymulate, from product deployment to while using the platform.”
– Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

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“Awesome customer Support and techniques used by Cymulate to identify security gaps.”
– IT Security & Risk Management