Technology Alliances

Your organization's security posture is affected by many different variables - both known
and unknown - that are constantly changing. Together with our technology ecosystem
partners, Cymulate empowers security leaders to maximize operational efficiency while
minimizing risk exposure.

Technology Alliances - Cymulate
Why Integrate SIEM with Cymulate?​

Together with our SIEM Partners, Cymulate can help organizations fine-tune their configuration to ensure better coverage of security incidents, provide additional context to security events to help prioritize and optimize response efforts to ensure that the most critical threats are addressed first.

Why Integrate EDR with Cymulate?​

Cymulate continuously tests the effectiveness of EDR solutions to provide organizations with more robust and effective cybersecurity posture management. Together with our EDR ecosystem partners we can uncover security gaps that can expose organizations to threats, provide insights to prioritize and optimize response efforts, and give organizations a more proactive and comprehensive approach to its cybersecurity posture.

Why Integrate Vulnerability Management with Cymulate?

Together with our Vulnerability Management partners, Cymulate can help identify vulnerabilities and prioritize them based on their severity, while testing and validating remediation efforts to ensure the organization’s systems and applications are secure. Automating vulnerability testing can make security teams more efficient and reduce the burden on IT to identify vulnerabilities and move quickly to reduce the risk of successful attacks.

Why use Ticketing Solutions Integrated with Cymulate?

ogether with our Ticketing Systems partner we help organizations improve their security posture by providing security teams with increased visibility and improved remediation efforts by automatically generating tickets for identified security issues. With integrated ticketing system, security teams can streamline workflows and reduce the time it takes to respond to security incidents.

Why Integrate SOAR and GRC with Cymulate?​

Together with our Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) partners organizations can improve their incident response by reducing the time it takes to contain and remediate incidents, increase their compliance by identifying potential compliance gaps, and improve their risk management by enabling organizations to proactively identify and manage security risks.

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Integrating Continuous Validation 

into Your Security Ecosystem

The Cymulate Security Posture Management
Platform is a SaaS solution which makes
it simple to measure and improve security
posture across the full attack kill-chain.
Cymulate integrates with various SIEM partners
to validate, augment, and benefit existing
security solutions, while automating and
simplifying security control validation.

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