Immediate Threats

The Challenge
Today, new cyber threats surface daily and without notice, making it nearly impossible for CISOs to know for sure at any given moment that their organization is safe. New cyber threats emerge in the wild daily, targeting millions of victims using zero days and old threats which have been modified to bypass detection engines of today’s security controls.

The Solution
Cymulate’s Immediate Threats Intelligence service alerts you automatically to test your security posture against the very latest threats detected in the wild by the Cymulate Research Lab and other industry sources. By running a simulation of the newest threats, you can check if you’re protected and apply the recommended actions. That way you’ll know without question that you are safe.

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Security Controls Validation

The Challenge
On average, organization has 30-40 controls which make it difficult to track any network or security control changes and system updates happen frequently  And when they do, your current security posture is changing.

The Solution
Cymulate can be used on-demand to easily test and validate your company’s security posture after any sort of change, be it a software update, a policy change or newly-deployed technology. In addition, baseline score can be set to compare between previous results and get alerts when score changes.

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Security Posture Assessment

The Challenge
Can you really answer this question: How safe are you right now?  It is estimated that in 2019, organizations worldwide will invest more than $124 billion in security solutions to protect their data. However, that doesn’t guarantee their CISOs will sleep better at night.

The Solution
Cymulate enables organizations to easily verify their security posture in just minutes. With fully automated breach and attack simulation that covers the full APT cyber kill chain, you can always know your current security posture with just a few clicks of a button.

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Security Purchase Improvement

The Challenge
You’ve run a few attack simulations and have identified a security solution that seems to be ineffective. But how can you demonstrate that an alternative solution would improve your security stance? You have multiple security vendors knocking at your door. Yet how can you measure their wares’ true worth?

The Solution
By using Cymulate’s Risk Score, you can optimize budget ROI by comparing the effectiveness of current and alternative security solutions. Looking to compare several products shortlisted for purchase? By running the same barrage of tests on each of them, you can reach a decision based on metrics.

Cymulate’s assessments also help identify gaps that need to be addressed with altogether new technology, and help you build a transparent business case. When deploying a new solution, its configuration can be fine-tuned using test results.

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3rd Party Supply Chain Posture

The Challenge
In an ideal world, you would know if your business partners represent a genuine risk to your systems and data. Unfortunately, most companies today rely on questionnaires filled in by their partners to verify that they are taking adequate measures.

The Solution
Companies can counter 3rd party supply chain risk in two ways. They can have them run a breach and attack simulation on their infrastructure, and ensure they are providing an acceptable assessment score. They can also check their own organization’s defenses across business touchpoints, to ensure they are resilient enough to keep 3rd party threats out.

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Security Stance Following M&As

The Challenge
Conducting cyber security due diligence prior to a merger or acquisition has become central to potential transactions, as demonstrated by the now infamous Yahoo breach, which was only disclosed in the lead up to Yahoo’s acquisition by Verizon. So how can acquiring companies measure the cyber resilience of their potential acquisitions?

The Solution
Cyber securing assessments during M&A due diligence should include examining a company’s security posture. By using breach and attack simulation pre- and post-M&A, security gaps can be immediately exposed, and subsequently remediated by following mitigation guidelines.

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Compliance Enablement

The Challenge
Organizations are required to be compliant with industry-wide privacy policies and information security regulations. Not doing so results in heavy fines, potential lawsuits, and brand damage that is difficult to repair.

The Solution
Cymulate lets organizations comply with GDPR, PCI, HIPPA and all other federal or industry regulations that require regular testing of security controls. By proactively assessing their resilience to cyber attacks and breaches, companies can meet compliance mandates while becoming less dependent on manual testing methods.

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Safe and Secure With Just One Click

Security has never been this easy. With intuitive controls and one-click operation, you get strong, sophisticated security without the complex controls.

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