Test Against
Advanced Persistent
Threats (APTs)

Test Your Customers' Enterprises Against APT, Ransomware and Supply Chain Groups

Our Cymulate Labs teams constantly tracks thousands of threats and threat actors and update our solution to provide you with the unique capability to challenge, assess and optimize your customers’ security controls safely, quickly, and comprehensively in their production environments.

Through Cymulate’s Extended Security Posture Management platform, you can:

  • Be seen as a critical cybersecurity partner to your customers
  • Start and provide immediate value as the platform can be deployed in minutes with impactful results
  • Provide comprehensive threat and risk assessments with executive and technical remediation reports
  • Make your case that your customer should replace or augment their security stack by testing different vendor offerings
  • Easily integrate Cymulate into your customers’ existing services and platforms with hundreds of available integrations


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