Cymulate deploys thousands of attacks across all vectors, simulating thousands of possible threats your organization may encounter. All with just the click of a button.




In moments, you receive a quantifiable risk score and a detailed report showing exactly where and how your company is exposed. Now, knowing your cyber posture and tracking security improvements has never been easier.




Get specific directions for closing security gaps using your existing security controls – like changing a policy or a configuration. That way, you optimize your security controls and minimize your exposure to risk.

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Non-Stop Protection

You wouldn’t plan your next vacation based on last week’s weather. So why base your security on last week’s report? Schedule Cymulate’s breach and attack simulation platform to run as often as you’d like so you stay up to date and your company stays continuously secure.

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Complete Attack Vector Coverage

Leave no vector behind. Cymulate’s multi-vector attack analyzes all areas of your organization including web apps, email, phishing, and endpoints, so no threats slip through the cracks.

Euronext Safeguards Pan-European Trading with Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation

“As Euronext’s cybersecurity team, we know that cybersecurity is always a work in progress. Cymulate allows us to fill a gap that for a long time was not closed directly, but only indirectly with other security controls. We recommend anyone looking for a breach and attack simulation platform to turn to Cymulate.”


Jorge Ruão, Head of Security Operations

“Cymulate enables me to test, reconfigure, increase our security posture, and lower our cyber risk – adding great value to our security program.”

William Perez, Cyber Security Lead

“With pen-testing it’s a long process, which at the end can take even 3 months to get the report. In that time there might have been new products, new attacks and it’s not relevant -we need to be up to date with new attacks all the time.”

Itzik Menashe, VP Global IT & Information Security


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Breach & Attack Simulation

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Breach & Attack Simulation

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Breach & Attack Simulation

Breach & Attack Simulation

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