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Cymulate helps companies stay one step ahead of cyberattackers with a SaaS-based, on-demand security assessment against the most advanced multi-vector attacks and the latest threats. On-demand simulations deliver immediate results, with a full picture of a company’s security posture available 24 hours every day of the year. Cymulate’s breach and attack simulation platform shortens the usual testing cycle and speeds up time to remediation, while the self-service model keeps customers in control of any vulnerability gaps detected.

Test Your Entire Security framework with Cymulate’s Vast and Diverse Attacks
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E-Mail Assessment

Test Your Entire E-Mail Security Flow with Cymulate’s Vast and Diverse E-mail Attacks

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Hopper - Lateral Movement

Test Your Windows Domain and Network Configuration Using a Sophisticated Lateral Movement Algorithm

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Browsing Assessment

Test Your HTTP/HTTPS Outbound Exposure to Malicious Websites

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SOC Simulation Assessment

Test Your SOC Team Awareness Using Our Intuitive GUI and Attack Correlations

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Web Application Firewall Assessment

Test Your WAF Security Posture to Web Payloads and Better Protect Your Web App

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Data Exfiltration Assessment

Test Your Outbound Critical Data Safely Before Real Data is Exposed

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Phishing & Awareness

Test your employee awareness to phishing campaigns with Cymulate’s advanced phishing simulations

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key benefits
  • Mitigate attacks before they happen
  • Get a comprehensive assessment
  • Remote test your entire infrastructure
  • Plug & Play solution
  • SaaS solution. No hardware required
  • Immediate results: 24/7, 365 days a year

Cymulate in action

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Cymulate: Comprehensive Multi-Vector Threat Validation

Unlike the time consuming, inefficient and incomplete current cyber security models, Cymulate conducts multi-vector cyber-attack simulations, enabling CISOs to gain a complete understanding of their cyber security posture and threat preparedness – on demand.

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Cymulate E-Mail: Defending Against Malicious E-Mails

Organizations spend millions on cyber security products defending their e-mail inbound vector - falsely assuming they are safe. With Cymulate E-Mail CISOs can be assured they are protected from malicious e-mails.

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Cymulate Hopper: Revealing Domain Network Breach Spots

Windows Domain Network configuration is a huge task and creates security flaws. Cymulate Hopper LVM simulates the possible Lateral Movement inside the organization, displaying the vulnerable path.

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