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"...Rather than rely on lengthy and manual penetration exercises that, by their nature, can only occur periodically, the organization can use automated means to frequently assess the efficacy of their myriad security controls against the newest threats."

You are only 7 minutes away from knowing if you are secure!


Cymulate’s platform comprehensively exercises your defenses with the industry’s widest range of attack vectors, providing an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) simulation of your security posture at all times. Test your network’s ability to cope with pre-exploitation-stage threats in Email, Browsing, and WAF. You can analyze your ability to respond to real incidents with our post-exploitation modules like Hopper, Endpoint and Data Exfiltration. Assess and improve awareness among employees against phishing, ransomware and other attacks.
Gain a clear picture of your vulnerabilities from every point of exposure and learn what will really happen when you are attacked.

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  • Understand Risks
    IN 60% OF CASES
    attackers are able to compromise
    an organization within minutes

    Continuously assess your security posture

  • Validate Controls
    Most security solutions won't block
    54% OF EMAILS
    containing ransomware

    Verify that your security solutions are working as expected

  • Enhance Security
    Organizations spent
    OVER $80B
    into cyber security solutions

    Allocate budgets according to your current security needs

  • Understand Risks
    Of organizations
    wouldn't be able to
    recover from a cyber attack

    Simulate attacks to understand your security resiliency with no impact on your environment

  • Validate Controls
    of vulnerabilities
    are a result
    of misconfiguration

    Validate that changes and updates on your network do not create security gaps

  • Enhance Security
    of security products
    capabilities are NOT
    utilized by organizations

    Multiply ROI and cyber defense by maximizing the value of your security products


Mitigate attacks before they happen
Optimize investment in cyber security
Get a comprehensive assessment
SaaS solution. No hardware required
Remote test your entire infrastructure
Immediate results: 24/7/365


  • Breach & Attack Simulation

  • Breach & Attack Simulation

  • Breach & Attack Simulation

  • Best Cybersecurity Startup

  • Security Automation

  • Breach & Attack Simulation

  • Breach & Attack Simulation

  • "We consistently use Cymulate platform which enables us to simulate cyber-attacks in real time, while assessing our security resilience from the potential attackers perspective."

    Haim Inger, Chief Information Security Officer

  • "As the information security manager of our organization, while using Cymulate I can get an up-to-date idea of the company resistance to cyber-attacks and embrace the platform’s suggestions for repairing existing security gaps."

    Tamir Ronen, Chief Information Security Officer

  • "Cymulate was found to be the most effective and easy to deploy solution which provides Telit the ability to run a controlled and comprehensive automated cybersecurity assessment. It allows us to validate our security posture and controls and to be prepared. We in Telit chose Cymulate for their innovative approach and comprehensive attack vectors coverage"

    Itzik Menashe, VP Global IT & Information Security

  • "After running much ad-hoc penetration testing for more than 10 years, we decided to implement Cymulate’s cloud automated solution that can run unlimited cyber-attack simulations, to expose all kinds of cyber holes in our organization and proivde us with detailed reports for our board and technical team"

    Guy Raba, Chief Information Security Officer