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Security Posture Management

Know, control and assure the security posture of your organization with the most comprehensive Extended Security Posture Management platform.

Breach & Attack

Maximize Security Controls ROI

How well are my security controls and security processes performing?


Identify and Mitigate Risk

Where is my attack surface vulnerable and how can an adversary breach my defenses?

Advance Purple

Scale Adversarial Expertise

How do I craft and automate assessments and assurance unique to my environment?

Manage Your Security Posture in Three Simple Steps

01 Simulate Attacks
Launch attacks across the entire MITRE ATT&CK framework with the flexibility to run end-to-end red team campaigns or deep dive on a specific attack vector or technique with a comprehensive set of attacks.
02 Gain Immediate Visibility
Know your current exposure, attackable vulnerabilities, and security gaps. Measure and track your security performance with a risk-score based on proven methodologies, including NIST, CVSS V3 and Microsoft DREAD.
03 Remediate with
Actionable Insights
Optimize your security posture with clear, prescriptive guidance. Prioritize resources and budget based on end-to-end visibility to exposures and risk.
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Optimize Your Security Defenses

Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) automates purple teaming to discover security gaps caused by product deficiencies, misconfigurations, and new threats.
Simple to deploy and use, Cymulate BAS enables you to:

  • Quantify organizational cyber risk
  • Assure security control efficacy
  • Prioritize and rationalize spend
  • Prioritize remediation based on attackable vulnerabilities
  • Rationalize security spend
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IDC PlanScape

The top reasons from IDC why Breach and Attack Simulation services are important.

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6 Ways BAS Increases ROI

Get an in-depth look at all 6 reasons to increase security ROI.

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The 3 Approaches

The 3 Approaches of BAS technologies and which approach the Cymulate platform uses.

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Know How You
Can Be Breached

Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) implements MITRE ATT&CK® TTPs to discover cloud and infrastructure misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and lack of cyber and IT hygiene. Like an ethical hacker, CART enables you to:

  • Mitigate attack surface risk
  • Mitigate risk created by lack of IT and cyber hygiene
  • Quantify risk of specific security gaps and attackable vulnerabilities
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Red Teaming on Steroids

How to optimize security controls faster and achieve maturity in Red Teaming.

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451 Research

451 Research reports how Cymulate scales red teaming activities with cyber attack simulation.

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Scale Adversarial

The Advanced Purple Teaming Framework scales in-house adversarial expertise to:

  • Monitor security drift and automate regression testing
  • Craft assurance assessments unique to your environment
  • Investigate susceptibility to specific ATT&CK tactics and techniques
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The Next Level of Customization

See how your organization can benefit in this webinar.

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Solution Brief

Purple Team Simulation

Learn more about this solution.

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See it in Action

Watch the 15-minute demo to get a comprehensive overview of how it works.

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The Cymulate Difference


For All Skill Levels

Select the right customization level. From simple to use, comprehensive out-of-the-box assessments for teams that lack adversarial skills to fully customizable attack tools, techniques, and assessments that leverage red-teaming skills.



The only platform that operationalizes the MITRE ATT&CK framework end-to-end to manage your security posture across the full cyber kill chain.


Purple Teaming

Cymulate Lab research team are expert blue and red teamers who in addition to crafting attacks provide actionable detection and mitigation guidance.

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Solution Brief

Security Control Validation & Optimization Overview

Everything you need to know about continuously optimizing your security controls, people, and processes via the Cymulate's Security Posture Management platform.



Cymulate’s Security Validation Platform in 3 Minutes

Watch how you can challenge and optimize your company’s security posture continuously across the MITRE ATT&CK® framework end-to-end.



Boosting Red & Blue Teaming with Cyber Attack Simulation

Breach and attack simulation can turbocharge blue and red team exercises, as well as extend both teams’ reach and save time.



Get Results Fast

Technical and executive reports delivered within minutes.

Deploy Within Minutes

Deploy a single lightweight agent to start running unlimited attack simulations.

Must Have

Extended Security Posture Management for constant improvement. Essential to confront the dynamic threat landscape.
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