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The Challenge: Validating Your Security Controls

On average, organizations have between 30 to 40 security controls and they apply changes to these controls on a weekly basis. According to a Ponemon survey, only 22 percent of respondents say they are highly confident that their organizations’ security controls are working as they are supposed to.

Security controls fail due to having too many security products that are complex to manage and optimize, and security vendor software updates that inadvertently introduce new security gaps in addition to other factors.


The Solution

Cymulate automates security control validation enabling frequent and thorough security control optimization. Applying a purple teaming approach, expert and threat intelligence led, out-of-the-box assessments make it simple for all skill levels to challenge, assess and optimize the current effectiveness of your security controls. Safe to launch in the production environment, they are both comprehensive and customizable. Integrations with EDR and SIEM systems correlate attacks to events and alerts, to assess and optimize their detection capabilities.

Results are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, helping to identify systematic weaknesses and security drift. Reports provide prescriptive remediation guidance to optimize your company’s security posture in the face of the evolving threat landscape and after any sort of change, be it a software update, a configuration change, or a policy revision.


Dollar-to-Value Ratio Optimization

Extract the maximum value from your security technology investments by maintaining peak performance

Continuous Security QA

Automate and perform security quality assurance after every configuration change or software update effectively and efficiently

Identify Gaps

Identify and close security gaps and prevent environmental security drift that can compromise your organization

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