Security Control &
Threat Validation

Validate control effectiveness to determine the
true impact of exposures and emergent threats

Continuously Validate your Defenses​

Manual configuration and validation of security controls is a time-consuming and error-prone process that fails to provide consistent protection, especially against today’s evolving threat landscape, where new threats emerge daily.​

The Cymulate Platform safely and continuously assesses the efficacy of security controls against threat activity across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. New assessments are added daily to proactively test against the latest emergent threats, so organizations can immediately evaluate their defenses. This leads to targeted and effective tuning of operations, true risk visibility, and fewer false-negative alerts.​

Security Control Validation by Cymulate Diagram

Exposure Management: The Role of Validation​

Cymulate automates offensive security testing to validate controls and
threats with the market-leading breach and attack simulation (BAS) and
automated red teaming.​ Cymulate evaluates the likelihood of attack
success by testing controls, understanding the effectiveness of
compensating controls, and measuring response capabilities. ​By
correlating this analysis with vulnerabilities and other potential exposure
risks, organizations can prioritize patching and remediation based on
risk as part of a larger continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) program.​

“Integrate BAS in a cybersecurity validation roadmap, as
part of a continuous threat exposure management (CTEM)
program. Don’t run BAS in isolation.”
– Gartner: Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2023

Benefits of Cymulate Security Validation

Maximize Existing Resources​

“Cymulate provides us with the insights to close gaps and optimize the controls we already have in our security stack—we don’t need to waste time or money looking for new tools to improve our security.”​
Liad Pichon, Director of Cybersecurity, BlueSnap​

Benchmark Security Resilience​

“Cymulate improved our risk management process and decision-making.” ​
Yoav Gefen, CISO, Maman Group​

Optimize SecOps & Incident Response​

“Cymulate enables us to test Nemours’ defenses against the latest cyber threats as they emerge, prioritize remediation efforts, and improve our security team’s incident response skills.“​
Jim Loveless, CISO, Nemours​

Rationalize Investments​

“With Cymulate, we can present quantifiable data to the board and show a direct correlation between investments and the reduction in risk.“ ​
Avinash Dharmadhikari, CISO, Persistent Systems​

Detect & Control Drift​

Detect & Control Drift​

  • Automated controls testing and reporting for continuous monitoring and full coverage​
  • Risk scoring and metrics that identify and track drift​
  • Remediation guidance for actionable improvements

“We chose Cymulate because we saw right away that it would require much less effort and time on our part to get immediate and effective insight.”
– Itzik Menashe, VP Global IT & Information Security, Telit

Validate Your SIEM and SOC​

Validate Your SIEM & SOC

  • Production-safe attack simulations validate SIEM visibility and assess SOC processes​
  • Automated IR testing on a regular schedule​
  • Benchmark and evolve SecOps performance over time

”Under the workload our team experiences, Cymulate sheds light on what to focus on to constantly improve our cybersecurity posture.“​
– Ramon Clota Palacio, Director IT & Security, Prevision Mallorquina

Test Against Emergent Threats​

Test Against Emergent Threats​

  • Daily updates for the latest threat assessments and simulation templates​
  • Automatically test defenses against emerging threats immediately​
  • Remediation guidance to tune controls & maximize protection

“Before Cymulate, it took us 2 to 3 days to evaluate a threat—now it takes us 1 to 2 hours because all we need to do is run the assessment that Cymulate prepares for us.”
– Vice President and Head of Cybersecurity, UAE Investment Firm

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“Cymulate has been helping me to evaluate my security posture against behavior based as well zero day threats.”
– IT Security & Risk Management Associate

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“Technical capabilities provided are outstanding, customer service is highly responsive and product mgmt. is flexible in supporting us with our requests.”
– Security Operations Analyst

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“The Cymulate BAS is delivering excellent outcomes, contributing significantly to enhancing my security effectiveness.”
– IT Security & Risk Management Associate

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“My experience with the platform was exceptional. It delivers on its promises with easy navigation, effective mitigation steps, and top-notch after sales support.”
– Chief Risk Manager

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“Always willing to help offering training sessions and encourage use of the product’s additional available features.”
– Senior Software Engineer

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“I believe that Cymulate brings a vision of risks, vulnerabilities and actions that we are unable to pay attention to in our work day.”
– Security Operations Specialist

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“The range and breadth of attack scenarios, potential targets and how well each tool integrates is really excellent.”
– Penetration Tester

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“We had an excellent experience with Cymulate, from product deployment to while using the platform.”
– Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

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“Awesome customer Support and techniques used by Cymulate to identify security gaps.”
– IT Security & Risk Management

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