The Challenge: Managing the Growing Number of Emerging Vulnerabilities

Regardless of the amount of effort and resources invested, organizations are unable to manage the growing amount of vulnerabilities in their environment. Companies have taken to prioritizing vulnerability patching based solely on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score, but just because a vulnerability is discovered does not mean it can  be exploited. For example, a security team might decide to patch a vulnerability with a CVSS score of 10 when it unknowingly has compensating controls already in place that prevent its exploitation. 

The Solution

By adding the AttackBased Vulnerability Management (ABVM) dashboard to Cymulate’s security control validation process, organizations are instantly provided with additional context about their vulnerabilities. ABVM integrates with common vulnerability scanners to inform security teams about the effectiveness of compensating controls protecting vulnerable machines and assets. ABVM combines the results of Cymulate’s simulated attacks with data from the organization’s vulnerability scanner to enable teams to accurately prioritize vulnerability remediation, patching, or reconfiguration of compensating security controls. Additionally, with these findings, Cymulate correlates the criticality of vulnerabilities with the value of assets, allowing security teams to optimize patching prioritization and reduce the patching workload. 


Improved Staff Workload Management

Optimize patching prioritization, reduce the patching workload, and maximize team productivity

Reduced Vulnerability Exposure Time

Prioritize and patch high-risk vulnerabilities immediately, drastically reducing the risk of their exposure

Minimized Costs

Incorporate compensating controls to minimize patching costs for low-risk vulnerabilities

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Case Study

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Prevents Hostile Intrusions with Cymulate

Learn how Cymulate hardened the security posture of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange's trading floor by minimizing its attack surface.
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Add Context to Your Vulnerability Management Strategy with Simulated Attacks

The best way to understand a vulnerability in context is through simulated attacks. Learn how to maximize impact and reduce risk with ABVM.
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Demo of Attack Based Vulnerability Prioritization

See how Attack Based Vulnerability Prioritization automatically assesses vulnerabilities' potential impact on your company’s security posture
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