Attack Surface

The Problem: Managing Expanded Digital Footprint

Business-driven digital transformation has expanded the digital footprint of a business environment, making it increasingly complex to manage. As a result, the attack surface has grown exponentially, and adversaries are finding windows of opportunities to exploit their targets. To manage the attack surface and prevent attacks before they happen, both analysis and proactive testing of the attack surface are required. Testing of vulnerabilities with automated red teaming provides a risk-based approach to prioritizing their remediation. 

The Solution

Cymulate Extended Security Posture Management automates discovery, analysis and testing of an organization’s digital footprint and applies a risk-based approach to attack surface management. The platform performs reconnaissance to discover vulnerabilities and potential doorways into the organization such as open ports and exposed cloud storage while automated red teaming attempts to breach the organization’s defenses to assess each exposure’s risk. 


Comprehensive Exposure Visibility

Know what digital assets are externally accessible with automated discovery

Threat Vector Identification

Identify technical exposures that can be exploited to breach your network

Attack Surface Resiliency Scoring

Quantify the risk of attack surface exposures with continuous automated red teaming

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Cymulate BreachCast: External Attack Surfaces

Hear how to optimize the latest cybersecurity tools to protect your organization from breaches and unexpected attacks.


Solution Brief

Cymulate and Cylance Integrate for Unified Visibility

Learn how enterprise security teams must validate and optimize their security controls’ effectiveness against a myriad of attacks.



Demo of Endpoint Security Vector

Cymulate’s Endpoint Security vector allows organizations to deploy and run simulations of ransomware, Trojans, worms, and viruses.


Simply Know

Control and assure the security posture
of your organization with the most
comprehensive Extended Security Posture Management platform.

More Solutions

Learn how Cymulate makes it easy to keep all angles of your company safe and secure.

Security Control Validation

Comprehensive SIEM/SOC and IR assessment with many scenarios permutations

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Security Posture Management

Automated end-to-end security
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SIEM Validation

Optimized SIEM Performance
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Product Evaluation

Scored assessment capabilities for potential third-party solutions

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Comprehensive M&A security posture analysis of planned acquisitions

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Operationalizing Threat Intelligence

Continuously updated emerging threats resilience evaluation

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Employee Security Awareness

Automated production-safe email phishing campaigns

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Compliance Enablement

Automated mandated compliance testing
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Cloud Security Validation

Continuous cloud security control validation and mitigation optimization

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Attack Based Vulnerability Prioritization

Data backed optimized mitigation prioritization

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SOC and SOAR Validation

End-to-end threat detection and IR playbook optimization through comprehensive automated continuous security validation

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