Solution Validation

Continuous assessments turn compliance​
audits into a straightforward operation​

Compliance Solution Validation ​Overview​

Compliance requirements constantly become more stringent and complex. Businesses are expected to adhere to a myriad of regulations, industry standards, and best practices. Keeping up with these compliance requirements is a daunting challenge for organizations of all sizes and industries. Failure to comply can lead to legal and financial consequences; as well as damage to the organization’s reputation with shareholders, customers, regulators, and the general public. ​

The Cymulate platform provides visibility on cybersecurity compliance to both technical and non-technical stake-holders.​ Many customers use information derived from Cymulate reporting to substantiate adherence to compliance, risk profiles, and frameworks like NIST and MITRE.


Compliance & ​Assurance Challenges​​

Preparing for compliance audits requires thorough​ scoping and planning, adequate documentation,​ and overcoming communication barriers.​​

Limited Resources

Limited Resources

Compliance audit preparation is resource intensive and time consuming

Changing Regulations

Changing Regulations

​Existing regulations change over time, and new regulations are created regularly​​

Business Objections

Business Objections

Business operations may not align directly with cybersecurity requirements​​

Outdated Information

Outdated Information

Point in time Pen Tests doesn’t meet resilience requirements ​

Financial Impact

Financial Impact

Non-compliance can lead to business, legal, and financial penalties​​

How Cymulate Streamlines
Compliance Processes

With the ongoing regulatory shift from periodic audits toward
cyber-resilience; cybersecurity compliance management can
benefit from continuous validation and comprehensive reporting.​​

Attack surface management paired with continuous attack
simulations and immediate threat validation facilitate
compliance with updated regulatory and industry standards.

Cymulate reports show the efficacy of preventative measures
taken to improve security posture and to demonstrate
continuous efforts for detecting and remediating security gaps.​
This automated documentation facilitates communication with
compliance officers, auditors, and other stakeholders.​

Continuous improvement to security not only facilitates
compliance, but also enhances and proves cybersecurity resilience. ​

Compliance Management with Cymulate​

Compliance Solution Validation Benefits

Identify assets which may ​come
under audit​ and unmanaged
applications and systems

Validate discoveries against MITRE, NIST, and other frameworks safely and frequently

Leverage automated technical and executive reporting for stakeholders and auditors

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Compliance Solution Validation

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Backed By the Industry

In Security it’s almost impossible to estimate a Return of Investment or even a cost-saving number, but it’s crystal clear that we have optimized our resources by using Cymulate.​​

Daniel Puente, CISO of Wolter Kluwer​

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Teams Across the Globe

Organizations use Cymulate to get immediate
actionable insights on their security posture.
They choose Cymulate to manage, know,
and control their dynamic environment.

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