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TEL AVIV & NEW YORKSept. 21, 2022 – Cymulate, the Extended Security Posture Management market leader, today announced its selection by TAG Cyber as a Distinguished Vendor in this year’s 2022 Security Annual. The 2022 Security Annual is part of an annual series from TAG Cyber that is published each September since 2016. The Distinguished Vendor recognition is an exclusive acknowledgment of companies that demonstrate unique innovation in addressing modern cyber security threats. Cymulate was also included in TAG Cyber’s Q3 2022 Quarterly report.


Cymulate was chosen for this prestigious award based on its breach attack simulation and threat exposure assessment technology, which provide the ability to map security gaps and minimize risk in advance. The solution’s modular platform provides over 120,000 automated test scenarios and 10,000 attack campaigns, while its dashboards deliver easy-to-understand prioritization, planning, and contextual insights for prompt remediation.


“We’re honored to be recognized for our technology innovation and the impact we make on strengthening cybersecurity defenses,” said Carolyn Crandall, CMO and chief security advocate of Cymulate. “Our goal is to provide businesses and government agencies with the ability to quickly answer questions about how secure they are and to what degree they should be concerned.”


“The need for automated tools to test and validate security controls has never been greater, and Cymulate has demonstrated excellence in this regard," said Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber. "Businesses using Cymulate’s platform will gain in-depth insights into the efficacy of their security controls and experience world-class risk reduction. Knowing whether attackers can penetrate a company’s shield of armor and if the shield of armor can hold up against the latest new threat is invaluable for businesses of all sizes.”


Earlier this year Cymulate announced the release of advanced analytics capabilities, which provide the ability to quickly normalize, aggregate, and analyze data across the platform’s automated cyberattacks functionality. The holistic solution combines Attack Surface Management, automated red-teaming, Breach and Attack Simulation, automated security validation, and vulnerability prioritization, providing a clear and holistic view of the business’s security posture.


About Cymulate

The Cymulate SaaS-based Extended Security Posture Management (XSPM) provides security professionals with the ability to continuously challenge, validate and optimize their on-premises and cloud cyber-security posture with end-to-end visualization across the MITRE ATT&CK® framework. The platform provides automated, expert, and threat intelligence-led risk assessments that are simple to deploy, and easy for organizations of all cybersecurity maturity levels to use. It also provides an open framework for creating and automating red and purple teaming exercises by generating tailored penetration scenarios and advanced attack campaigns for their unique environments and security policies.


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