Security Validation

The Challenge: Cloud Migration

Cloud migration presents a new set of challenges for the security department. Hyperconnectivity between resources like Kubernetes, serverless functions, and containers powered by API programmability are drivers for agility and elasticity, not for security. Misconfigurations, lack of visibility on how resources interact and apply permissions from one resource to another without knowing the least privileged permissions and other types of misconfigurations create hidden opportunities for threat actors. 

The Solution:

To discover, analyze and challenge cloud infrastructure mimicking the tactics and techniques of an adversary to uncover critical security gaps and misconfigurations. Cymulate Extended Security Posture Management takes a holistic approach combining the following methodologies: 

  • Attack Surface Management – to discover externally accessible assets and identify assets exposed to exploitation 
  • Security Control Validation – production safe attack scenarios that discover security control deficiencies and provide mitigation guidance for optimization 
  • Automated Red Teaming – to discover misconfigurations that enable threat actors to breach and propagate within the cloud infrastructure 


Cloud Security Controls Validation

Detect gaps in security control configurations, policies and settings and provide actionable mitigation recommendations

Hardened Attack Surface Resilience

Comprehensive cloud attack surface management based on recon and assets risk validation

Mitigation Optimization

Detailed instruction to fix misconfigured roles and privileges

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Webinar with Forrester – Continuous Security Testing

Learn about the benefits of Breach and Attack Simulation as opposed to traditional security testing and how it can improve your security posture.



Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper on Continuous Security Validation

Get the whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan on how they anticipate the growth of the Breach and Attack Simulation market.


Solution Brief

Security Control Validation & Optimization Overview

Learn why investing in security controls is not a one-and-done operation. Security controls need to be validated to stay ahead of attacks.


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Control and assure the security posture
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More Solutions

Learn how Cymulate makes it easy to keep all angles of your company safe and secure.

Security Control Validation

Comprehensive SIEM/SOC and IR assessment with many scenarios permutations

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Security Posture Management

Automated end-to-end security
baselining and trending

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SIEM Validation

Optimized SIEM Performance
with enhance detection and
reduced false positives

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Product Evaluation

Scored assessment capabilities for potential third-party solutions

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Comprehensive M&A security posture analysis of planned acquisitions

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Operationalizing Threat Intelligence

Continuously updated emerging threats resilience evaluation

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Employee Security Awareness

Automated production-safe email phishing campaigns

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Compliance Enablement

Automated mandated compliance testing
and reporting

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Attack Surface Management

Continuous Security Validation with 360°
exposure visibility, comprehensive
threat vector identification
and resilience scoring

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Attack Based Vulnerability Prioritization

Data backed optimized mitigation prioritization

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SOC and SOAR Validation

End-to-end threat detection and IR playbook optimization through comprehensive automated continuous security validation

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