Cloud Security Validation
& Exposure Management​

Comprehensive exposure management for the cloud and
hybrid environments ​

Validate Security Controls​

To manage cloud security risk posture, security teams need visibility, control validation, and focused
mitigation for their cloud environments – just as they do for traditional IT. While each can be accomplished
with a specialized cloud-focused tool, best practices for threat exposure management require
a consolidated approach to cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments.​


Cloud Security Validation & Exposure Management​

The Cymulate platform provides security validation and exposure management for both cloud and on-premise environments.​

Scope cloud exposure risk with context to business and impact on operations​

Identify assets and misconfigurations across clouds, on-prem and hybrid environments​

Validate cloud controls, policies, and defensive capabilities​

Prioritize mitigation activity based on multiple important business and technical factors​

Mobilize cloud security teams with mitigation guidance based on risk reduction​

​Measure cloud cybersecurity posture and baseline exposure risk ​

Cloud Security Validation module

Add Business Context​

Organizations use Cymulate Exposure Analytics
to aggregate assets from cloud infrastructure
and third-party tools (cloud security posture
management, configuration management
databases, etc.) and assign each asset one or
more business contexts (business unit, programs,
sensitivity to downtime, or other factors).​

Cymulate app

Identify Assets and

Cymulate Attack Surface Management allows
companies to scan and identify assets and cloud
misconfigurations around the cloud attack surface. ​

Cymulate Exposure Analytics pulls
misconfigurations from CSPM, vulnerabilities from
vulnerability scanners, and network security
policies from the cloud infrastructure to creates
a risk-profiled asset inventory.​

cymulate app

Validate Cloud Controls
and Policies​

With Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation,
organizations test and validate controls and policies
against attack scenarios that target identity and
misconfiguration across the cloud infrastructure, VMs,
and Kubernetes. ​ ​

Companies use Cymulate Continuous Automated Red
to test and validate attack paths across cloud
infrastructure, cloud-to-ground, and ground-to-cloud.​

Cloud Security Validation module

Prioritize Mitigations

Cymulate Exposure Analytics enables
organizations to correlate and prioritize cloud
weaknesses and IT gaps based on breach
feasibility, business context, and risk reduction.​

Cloud Security Validation module

Mobilize Cloud

With Cymulate Exposure Analytics, teams can plan
remediation based on risk reduction and business context
across all cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments.​

Cloud Security Validation module

Measure and Baseline
Cybersecurity Posture​

Cymulate Exposure Analytics provides organizations
with a risk posture view of cloud environments. It also
drills down into risk and cyber resilience, enabling
teams to measure cybersecurity posture and baseline
exposure risk for both cloud deployments and the cloud
as part of the collective IT infrastructure.​

Backed By the Industry

Cymulate facilitates data driven conversations at both the operations and business level. We can quantify the risk of doing business, justify compensating controls that reduce the risk levels and validate their effectiveness.​

Dan Baylis, Group Security Operations Manager, Quilter plc​

Trusted by Security
Teams Across the Globe

Organizations use Cymulate to get immediate
actionable insights on their security posture.
They choose Cymulate to manage, know,
and control their dynamic environment.

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