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The Problem: Scaling Capacity

Scaling a red team’s capacity while retaining the creativity and expertise of the seasoned experts on the team.

The Solution

Cymulate is an open attack framework that enables experts to create assessment and scenario templates s that can be shared and reused by everyone in the team, in the addition to the rich library of resources available out of the box.

The Problem: Lack of Productivity

Increasing the operational efficiency of your pen testers and red teamers.

The Solution

Extended Security Posture Management enables you to automate and offload bespoke but repetitive attack campaigns and scenarios, integration with security controls provide a purple teaming experience for immediate results, reports are generated immediately including detection and mitigation guidance and Sigma rules for SIEM optimization.

The Problem: Outdated Methods

Monolithic auto pen testing tools don’t leverage the skills of your red team.

The Solution

Your Red Team is looking for the same level of openness and flexibility that threat actors have. With Cymulate, you can have both automated red teaming and an open framework to use your preferred tools and techniques, enabling you to leverage automation without compromise.

Why We Are Better

Rich Repository

The Advanced Purple Teaming Framework is loaded with executions, tools and templates, users can create and upload their own resources.

Central Reporting

Save time and effort in creating and retrieving reports that are generated automatically in the platform.

Purple Teaming

Integrations with security controls correlate logs and alerts for rapid results and analysis.

Custom Queries

Correlate SIEM analytics to attacks based on the rules created by your SOC to validate their effectiveness.


Increase Efficiencies

Automate manual and repetitive procedures and leverage automation to schedule recurring assessments and reporting.

Share Expertise

Scenarios and templates created by experts in the team can be shared and reused by all users of the platform.

Scale Red Team Resources

Do more with the same red team without compromising their creativity and flexibility.

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