Why Cymulate

We integrate testing methodologies to deliver
the only security validation platform you will
ever need

Helping You Progress in Your
Security Matureness

Starting with comprehensive out-of-the-box assessments, you will receive value for all skill
levels all the way to an Advanced Purple Teaming Framework for skilled red teamers and pen
testers. The industry standard platform accurately and rapidly assesses risk created by
security gaps, vulnerabilities, and external exposures across the entire organization.

Security Matureness

Automate security control validation and optimization
Operationalizing threat intelligence and the MITRE ATT&CK framework
Prioritize patching
Rationalize spend
Prescriptive mitigation guidance
Simple to deploy and use
Progressing / Basic +
Incorporate validation into security assurance and prevent environmental drift
Manage the external attack surface and increase cyber and IT hygiene
Measure the impact of
security programs on risk
Exercise incident response and threat hunting
Advanced / Progressing +
Incorporate validation into organizational risk management
Leverage and scale
in house red-teaming
Craft and automate scenarios unique to your environment

Why We Are Better

Best Mitigation Guidance

We make SOC optimization easier with Sigma rules, IoCs detailed detection and mitigation guidance, SIEM and SOAR integration.

Comprehensive E2E

The only platform that operationalizes the MITRE ATT&CK framework end-to-end to manage your security posture across the full cyber kill chain.

Customizable for All Skill Levels

Enables to select the right customization level. From simple to use, comprehensive out-of-the-box assessments for teams that lack adversarial skills to fully customizable attack tools, techniques, and assessments that leverage red-teaming skills.

Simplest to Deploy

SaaS-based, deploys in under an hour and delivers value immediately for all skill levels. Requires one lightweight agent per environment on a VM or PC standard corporate image.

Easiest to Integrate

Custom and pre-built API integrations with your security stack and SOC systems make Cymulate the easiest to correlate and optimize security findings to attacks.

Expert Purple Teaming

Cymulate Lab research team are expert blue and red teamers who in addition to crafting attacks provide actionable detection and mitigation guidance.

Benefits to Roles



Transform cybersecurity into a measurable business process that enables business initiatives.
Read more to learn how Cymulate helps to identify, quantify and manage critical organizational cyber-risks due to changes in the business IT environment and threat evolutions.

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Continuously validate policy enforcement and security assurance to meet internal and external compliance mandates.
Read more to learn how Cymulate helps to automate security assurance processes, and help you quantify and convey cyber-risk.

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Security Operations and Blue Team

Security Operations and Blue Team

Increase the operational efficiency of your team and continuously optimize the security architecture.
Read more to learn how Cymulate puts the adversary in your hands to improve your team’s offense and defense skills, focus on critical issues and continuously validate security efficacy.

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Red Team and Penetration Testers

Red Team & Penetration Testers

Scale red teaming skills and increase their operational effectiveness.

Read more to learn how Cymulate empowers red teamers to craft and automate attack scenarios, red and purple teaming, security assurance and reporting with a powerful highly customizable attack framework.

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The Most Comprehensive
Security Validation Platform

Validate and
optimize your
security control

Breach & Attack
Simulation (BAS)

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Know your digital
footprint and
external exposure

Attack Surface
Management (ASM)

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remediation based
on real threats

Risk Based
Management (RBVM)

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Know how an
adversary can
breach your

Red Teaming (CART)

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Validate and
optimize SOC
people, processes
& technology

Advanced Purple
Teaming Framework

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Webinar with Forrester – Continuous Security Testing

Learn about the benefits of Breach and Attack Simulation as opposed to traditional security testing and how it can improve your security posture.



Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper on Continuous Security Validation

Get the whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan on how they anticipate the growth of the Breach and Attack Simulation market.



The 3 Approaches to Breach & Attack Simulation Technologies

Learn the 3 Approaches of Breach and Attack technologies, and which approach the Cymulate platform uses.



Jorge Ruão | Head of Security Operations,

" As Euronext’s cybersecurity team, we know that cybersecurity is always a work in progress. Cymulate allows us to fill a gap that for a long time was not closed directly, but only indirectly with other security controls. We recommend anyone looking for a breach and attack simulation platform turn to Cymulate. "

Karl Ward | Lead Security Operations Analyst,

" Many times, our CISO or senior members would come to security operations after reading about a new threat or APT group in the news, asking are we at risk? Cymulate enables us to answer
quickly and confidently with the Immediate Threats module and attack simulations.

Avi Branch | IT Support Technician,

" I believe that no matter what is the team size we have, we will always have a backlog of projects and tasks. Cymulate helps us to prioritize them and focus on issues that carry the most risk for the business, this has increased our effectiveness, we aren’t wasting valuable resources. Furthermore, I can present to our executives a return on security investments by showing them how each project has reduced our risk score. "

More Customer Stories

"Attack simulation platform the way it should be: easy, effective, realistic"

The product is very easy to use. I truly believe that it does deliver the level of service and range of capabilities that it promises.


"Like having a pen tester at your beck and call"

Cymulate is an excellent tool for evaluating the effectiveness of current security controls as well as for evaluating new products and services.


"Powerful, intuitive, must-have solution"

Product is powerful, super easy to use and competitively prices. Return on effort is immediately evident as is the ROI.

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