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The Problem: Cross-Team Collaboration

Your role is to create the policies and procedures that keep the organization safe. You speak the language of assets and risk while security operations speak the language of threats and security controls.

The Solution

Extended Security Posture Management enables security operations to quantify risk using standards based scoring methodologies. This enables you to baseline risk and identify exposed critical assets creating a common language between GRC and Security operations teams.

The Problem: Rising Costs

Regulatory compliance mandates are increasing requirements for continuous adversarial testing creating higher costs and management overhead.

The Solution

Extended Security Posture Management enables your organization to fulfill requirements for continuous adversarial testing that scales. Test reports are made available after every assessment making it simple to pass audits for infrastructure security testing and for other regulatory requirements.

The Problem: Constant Changes

Frequent changes to the IT infrastructure and changes to security controls can impair policy enforcement that go unnoticed for lengthy periods of time providing unauthorized access to sensitive and critical data.

The Solution

Extended Security Posture Management enables security operations to automate procedures that ensure continuous enforcement of security policies in the dynamic IT environment.

Why We Are Better


Gain granular security visibility on subsidiaries, geographies and business units that roll up to the overall organizational security posture.

Consistent Risk Scoring

We apply the same standards-based scoring methodology to all the stages of the attack kill chain providing a consistent and comparative set of security KPIs.

Fast Results

Cymulate executive and technical reports provide immediate results and proof of continuous adversarial testing for regulatory compliance.

Highly Customizable

Enabling the organization to create custom assessments that validate the security policies unique to your environment.



Enabling Compliance

Automate adversarial testing to validate continuous regulatory compliance.

Reduce Management Overhead

Leverage Cymulate reporting capabilities to reduce the overhead associated with regulatory compliance audits.

Assure Policy Enforcement

Assure effective enforcement of the organizations security policies with automated assurance procedures.

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