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The Problem: Proving Value

Operating in a highly fragmented market, MSSPs and MDRs have to constantly prove their value. Showing a customer how many threats were blocked last month doesn’t fly anymore and providing value added services for free doesn’t make sense.

The Solution

By launching real and emerging threats and novel TTPs a service provider can demonstrate effectiveness to threats before they knock on the customer’s door.

The Problem: Emerging Threats

Threats and TTPs are evolving at a fast pace and fine tuning the technology required to detect them is a costly and labor intensive ongoing process, required to meet customer SLAs.

The Solution

Extended Security Posture Management operationalizes threat intelligence and novel hacking techniques to prevent security drift and enable you to fine tune xDR and SIEM rules and analysis. Integrations with these technologies and the guidance provided enables you to reduce the cost of keeping your service up to date.

The Problem: Cost

You know the value of red teaming and so do your customers but providing offense-based security services is costly for many of your customers, limiting your addressable market.

The Solution

Security Posture Management enables you to launch cost-effective automated red teaming campaigns. We provide continuously updated, time and cost-saving assessments and an open customizable framework that enables you to deliver services on security control efficacy, security drift, attack based vulnerability management and many more new revenue generating services.

Security Assurance Model

Enable your customers to show that their people, processes and technology are
protecting their dynamic business environment against evolving threats effectively and continuously.


Assess their current state to establish security baseline


Maximize their security posture and close gaps in security baseline


Rationalize their spend on technology, people and process


Detect and prevent security regressions, assure optimal operational effectiveness

Extended Security Posture Management

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Solution Brief

Cymulate for MSSPs and MDRs

Learn in this solution overview, how MSSPs and MDRs can enhance the value of their current services using breach and attack simulation.



Ovum: Cymulate Expands Breach and Attack Simulation Functionality

Ovum reports how Cymulate expands breach and attack simulation functionality. Download the report to get the full review of the platform.


Case Study

YX-Norge Collaborate Better with Their SSPs

Download the case study to learn how YX-Norge improves its security posture with the Cymulate Continuous Security Validation Platform.


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