Establish and
Track KPIs​

Measure, track, and control cybersecurity ​
performance and overall threat exposure.​

Generic Baselines Are No Longer Enough​

The lack of standardization in cybersecurity metrics and benchmarks make it difficult to establish
a common baseline for KPIs. The dynamic nature of cybersecurity means that KPIs must be constantly
updated and adjusted to remain relevant. Different organizations may have varying definitions of what
constitutes a secure environment; and different business priorities and risk tolerance levels.
​​Aligning cyber KPIs with the overall business strategy requires defining, quantifying,
and updating those KPI’s. ​


Challenges to Establish and Track Security KPIs​

Lack of Quantified Benchmarks

Lack of Quantified Benchmarks

KPIs based on general industry standards do not take business needs into account​

Lack of Visibility

Lack of Visibility

The complexity of modern security stacks makes it challenging to evaluate the effectiveness of current and future investments

Communication Barrier

Communication Barrier

Translation of technical metrics and outcomes into general business language can pose unique challenges​

Balancing Security & Business

Balancing Security & Business

Business processes and operational necessities can have significant impact on security KPIs​

Cymulate for Establishing
Cybersecurity KPIs

Risk scoring based on simulated attacks provides a validated,
quantified, and asset-mapped evaluation of an organization’s
threat exposure and tool stack efficacy.​​

Attack-based risk analysis identifies gaps in detection and
policy enforcement and accelerates incident response

​​With clear visibility, monitoring exposure over time facilitates
balancing security and business priorities. ​​

Establish and Track KPIs with Flexible, Quantifiable Metrics​

Benefits of Using Cymulate To Establish and Track KPIs​

Executive and technical reporting leading to evidence-based discussions and decision making​

Benchmark and trend cybersecurity performance to prove continuous improvement

Confirm that KPI motion is leading toward resilience and compliance​

Establishing Cybersecurity KPIs - Cymulate

Establishing Cybersecurity
KPIs For Continuous

Overview of Cymulate performance tracking and benchmarking

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Backed By the Industry

In Security it’s almost impossible to estimate a Return of Investment or even a cost-saving number, but it’s crystal clear that we have optimized our resources by using Cymulate.​​

Daniel Puente, CISO of Wolter Kluwer​

Trusted by Security
Teams Across the Globe

Organizations use Cymulate to get immediate
actionable insights on their security posture.
They choose Cymulate to manage, know,
and control their dynamic environment.

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