A Better Way of Picking Your Next Breach and Attack Simulation Vendor


Comparing the 8 Top BAS Vendors With the Frost Radar. 

The new gold standard for CISOs, security analysts, and top management… 


Is having real-time visibility into their security posture. 


Making risk analysis easy with security control validation.  


Being confident in the longevity of your vendor relationship. 


The best relationships are the ones you can depend on. 


When your vendor is always there, when they offer you the same level of service and reliability that they did when you first started working together, it’s a true gift. 


This Frost Radar report makes it easy to pick the right Breach and Attack Simulation that checks all your boxes. 


Inside is a breakdown of the top 8 BAS vendors (Cymulate was named Innovation Leader with the most use cases.) 


Download the Frost Radar™ to see the Global BAS market players in one place.