Incident Response

Continuous, automated validation of SIEM and​ SOAR efficacy –
IR preparation acceleration ​


SOC and SIEM Validation​

Security Operations Centers are using a variety of security solutions and are facing challenges detecting
and responding to all events. Even with SIEM, the aggregated data must be analyzed in context to
prioritize mitigation efforts. Moreover, some events go undetected despite the SIEM. ​

IR Optimization​

SOAR playbooks and Incident Response routines need to be flexible to adapt to emerging threats. They
also need to be customized to specific environments. Simulating tabletop exercises is a necessary
practice to refine those playbooks and routines. Simulated attacks are an essential part of a preemptive
cybersecurity strategy. ​

Whether optimizing SIEM operations or running tabletop exercises, Cymulate provides a scalable
solution for testing and tuning the efficacy of security controls, validating processes, and identifying gaps.


SIEM, SOC & IR Optimization Challenges​

Challenges for Security Operations and ​Incident Response Teams​

Insufficient SOC Visibility

Insufficient SOC Visibility

SOC teams lack data the data required to ensure their security tools are accurately detecting attacks

Alert Fatigue Risk

Alert Fatigue Risk

The large number of security controls, some inadequately configured, increase the number of false positives, leading to alert fatigue​

Continuous IR Adaptation

Continuous IR Adaptation

A constantly evolving threat landscape and continual deployments require frequent reconfigurations and IR playbook updates​

Inefficient SIEM Configuration

Inefficient SIEM Configuration

Configuring a SIEM is complex, and findings often lack context for prioritizing incident response

Cymulate for SIEM, SOC
and IR Optimization​

Production-safe attack simulations assess the efficacy of the SIEM,
SOC and overall detection and response. Organizations use
Cymulate platform to validate their processes and identify security
gaps. The ability to prioritize and remediate with context, results in
improved security and a reduced number of false alerts. ​

In addition, the platform can be leveraged for running up-to-date
incident response tabletop exercises at will. With minimal to no
interference with daily operations, security teams can continuously
tune their playbooks. ​

Capabilities of SIEM, SOC, and IR Optimization​

The Benefits Of Cymulate SIEM, SOC & IR Optimization


Identify assets which may
come under audit​


Validate discoveries against MITRE, NIST, and other frameworks​


Reporting to facilitate communication with auditors and regulators​

Learn More About Cymulate
SIEM, SOC and IR Optimization

Overview of SIEM, SOC and IR Optimization​

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Backed By the Industry

“I showed our board of directors the comprehensive visibility that Cymulate provides, and they told me that we needed it before I even had the budget to purchase it.”

Liad Pichon, Director of Cybersecurity, BlueSnap

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“Cymulate has been helping me to evaluate my security posture against behavior based as well zero day threats.”
– IT Security & Risk Management Associate

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“Technical capabilities provided are outstanding, customer service is highly responsive and product mgmt. is flexible in supporting us with our requests.”
– Security Operations Analyst

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“The Cymulate BAS is delivering excellent outcomes, contributing significantly to enhancing my security effectiveness.”
– IT Security & Risk Management Associate

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“My experience with the platform was exceptional. It delivers on its promises with easy navigation, effective mitigation steps, and top-notch after sales support.”
– Chief Risk Manager

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“Always willing to help offering training sessions and encourage use of the product’s additional available features.”
– Senior Software Engineer

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“I believe that Cymulate brings a vision of risks, vulnerabilities and actions that we are unable to pay attention to in our work day.”
– Security Operations Specialist

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“The range and breadth of attack scenarios, potential targets and how well each tool integrates is really excellent.”
– Penetration Tester

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“We had an excellent experience with Cymulate, from product deployment to while using the platform.”
– Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

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“Awesome customer Support and techniques used by Cymulate to identify security gaps.”
– IT Security & Risk Management

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