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Pen Testing vs Vulnerability Scanning vs Cyber Attack Simulations

Download the comparison guide to see which security testing method is best for your organization.

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A New Approach to Security Validation in Healthcare

Security validation programs in healthcare require an agile approach to match the pace of the dynamic environment.

How Healthcare Organizations Can Stay Ahead of Ransomware

The days of bank thieves blowing open safes may be long behind us, but criminals continue to follow a simple formula: follow the money. Today, that could lead them through the cracks in your untested cybersecurity. Find out how you can secure your assets and prevent attacks.

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IHP Tests Real-World Cyberattacks Using Cymulate

As a healthcare organization, IHP is vulnerable to existing and emerging cyber threats. Its IT Infrastructure Manager wanted a breach and attack simulation solution to identify and remediate cybersecurity gaps, automatically and continuously. See why they chose Cymulate.

Testing for Compliance
Just Became Easier

See how to attack simulations continuously test your true preparedness to handle cyber-security threats effectively, without impacting users or infrastructure.

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The 3 Approaches of Breach & Attack Simulation Technologies

With several vendors providing Continuous Security Validation, there are multiple approaches gaining traction. Discover the right approach for increasing your healthcare organization’s resilience against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

3 Minute Demo of Cymulate’s Platform

Discover how you can continually assess the effectiveness of your cybersecurity posture. Watch our quick video to learn more, or book a private, tailored demo now.

It’s as if Cymulate turned the lights on for us. We instantly saw a lot of attacks and vulnerabilities that we weren’t aware of before.

Daniel Puente, CISO

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