Get hands-on experience to solve
real-world issues, from experts who
know cyber security best.

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Get hands-on experience to solve real-world issues,
from experts who know cyber security best.

Cyber Hygiene
Offensive Security

Expert Knowledge on Cyber Hygiene

Learn today's most effective practices to ensure data
is properly organized and protected from outside threats.
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible for 8 CPE points

John Noble

Director, National Cyber Security
entre (NCSC) 2016-18

Understanding Attacks​

Learn how and why organizations get
compromised and how to use this data
effectively when creating a ransomware defense.


1 The Root Causes of Cyber Breaches
2 Defending Against
Ransomware Attacks

Rachel Wilson

Managing Director and Head of Cybersecurity, Morgan Stanley​

Role of the End User​

Learn how to manage, mitigate, and reduce risks
presented by end-users in your environment.


1 An Introduction to End User Security
2 End User Security Controls​
3 Risk and Threats to End Users​

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Ericom Software

Zero Trust

Learn how to enable an effective security strategy based on Zero Trust concepts and data points.


1 Intro to Zero Trust Concepts and History
2 Zero Trust Data Points and Truth in the Conceptual Framework Approach
3 Fighting the "Issues" We Face in Security Business to Enable Strategy

Dave Klein

Director of Cyber Evangelism, Cymulate

1st & 3rd Party Validation​

Learn the necessary components of first
and third-party validation and why it's such
a crucial part of hardening a security posture.


1 Security Posture as a Program​
2 1st & 3rd Party Validation ​

Arien Seghetti

Head of Americas Solutions
Architects, Cymulate​

Modern Day Security for Cloud Consumption ​

Get an in-depth understanding of ways
to blend traditional and cloud security
and how DevSecOps can benefit.


1 Cloud Security Part 1​
2 Cloud Security Part 2

Lisa Forte

Co-Founder & Partner, Red Goat Security

Incident Response Preparedness

Plan for incident response success with this
guide on how to build an effective CMT
and where the common pitfalls are during
cyber crises.


1 The Crisis Management Team​
2 Planning Ahead​
3 Game of Comms: Wins and Fails​

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Get hands-on experience to solve real-world issues,
from experts who know cyber security best.

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What Our Graduates Are Saying

"The more I learn about Cybersecurity the more I believe that a practical hands-on is the best approach to learn this much required and needed domain.

I believe everyone interested in Cybersecurity needs to have a go at this awesome course, I might sound like I'm exaggerating but only when you try it out you would know why I love this course.”

Rahif Bshennaty
Cybersecurity Analyst

"The Cymulate online course on Rangeforce is a good mix of theory and hand-on exercises to give an understanding of the offensive security strategies.

The detailed explanation of few attacks like solar winds attack and emotet gives insights on how the APT groups work and their attack patterns."

Nikhil N.
Manager, Insurance

"I enjoyed this course which had a mix of theory and hands-on exercises to enforce an understanding of the security topics that were presented. The breakdowns of real-world attacks provided additional insights on how these groups work which was good, I would recommend this course to anyone interested in understanding offensive strategies"

Chris Visagie
Solutions Executive