Cymulate 2020 Predictions

December 13, 2019

Read Cymulate’s predictions on VM Blog on uncontrollable malware, phishing epidemics, and cyber damages for municipalities and schools.

Uncontrollable Malware and Phishing Epidemics, Municipalities + SMBs Beware

A hospital in France, libraries in New York state, the city of Baltimore, the state of Louisiana. Malware ran completely amok in 2019 disrupting a vast array of organization. Whereas most smaller entities a few years ago believed they wouldn’t be targeted, malware has reached an epidemic level where no organization is safe. While phishing has long been known as the most common attack vector, attempts have increased by 400% over the past year. Many organizations still don’t take the necessary steps to mitigate such attacks as and hackers reel on their success, they will continue undeterred in 2020.

Read all the predictions from Cymulate’s VP of Customer Success here.

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