New York, NY and Rishon Letzion, Israel (May 12, 2021) - Cymulate, the industry standard SaaS based Continuous Security Validation platform leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK® framework end-to-end, announced today that it has won the Best Practices for Global Breach and Attack Simulation Product Leadership Award by Frost and Sullivan.

The research firm states, “Cymulate, with its flexible and scalable platform, has made BAS accessible for all companies. Its superior capabilities can be customized to address the needs of any business. Moreover, the company’s product development process, shaped by its vision, has ensured sustained growth.”

Frost analyst Swetha R K stated, “Cymulate’s vision is to make continuous security validation simple to use and deploy across all applicable aspects of an organization’s security posture. The company’s three-dimensional product design and development strategy is reflected in its promise of simplicity, customizability and comprehensive coverage.” The Frost report further mentioned Cymulate’s platform is “easy to deploy and is updated at the back end without any additional burden on the SOC team. The platform is fully automated, empowering customers to schedule testing and obtain results within minutes.”

Frost and Sullivan’s Product Leadership Award recognizes the company that offers a product or solution with attributes that deliver the best quality, reliability, and performance in the industry.  The full report can be accessed here.

“We are very proud to be recognized for our product excellence by Frost and Sullivan,” said Eyal Wachsman, CEO and co-founder of Cymulate. “As organizations continue to face an onslaught of attacks, it is imperative that their security technologies and threat hunting capabilities are functioning optimally.  More companies are beginning to understand the benefits of running Breach and Attack Simulations for continuous security validation, which is evident in the fact that our platform’s usage doubled in 2020, helping companies decrease their risk considerably across the full attack kill chain, and allowing CISOs to optimize their security posture.”

Watch what Frost & Sullivan have to say about the award here.

About Cymulate
Cymulate’s Continuous Security Validation enables companies to challenge, assess and optimize their cyber-security posture against the evolving threat landscape, simply and continuously. The platform provides out-of-the-box, expert and threat intelligence led risk assessments that are simple to use for all skill levels, and constantly updated. It also provides an open framework for ethical hackers to create and automate red and purple team exercises and security assurance programs tailored to their unique environment and security policies. Cymulate helps security professionals to know and control their dynamic environment. For more information, visit and register for a Free Trial.

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