Conti Ransomware Gang Analysis with


The Conti Ransomware gang has startled many with its criminally effective startup environment. Well organized with third-party affiliates and even “bounties” for enterprise insiders to provide them with information on their own organizations makes Conti one of the most prolific ransomware gangs today.

Join SimplyCyber’s Gerald Auger and Cymulate’s Director, Cyber Evangelist Dave Klein as they look at this criminal organization’s best attack practices. Learn how you can better defend yourself against them and other attackers as well as:

  • How the Conti Ransomware attacks do reconnaissance and pick their targets.
  • Their favorite best practices, tools, tactics, and techniques.
  • How offensive testing techniques can be used in your enterprise to safely simulate Conti attacks to shore up defenses against them and other attackers.

Dave Klein, Director, and Cyber Evangelist for Cymulate is a 20-plus-year cybersecurity veteran is a well-known author, speaker, and cybersecurity expert.