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Cymulate Named ASM Leader in GigaOM Radar Report

Managing an organization’s attack surface presents significant challenges due to the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity threats and the increasing complexity of IT environments. The latest GigaOM report highlights the significance of advanced Attack Surface Management (ASM) solutions in providing continuous visibility into the attack surface, enabling organizations to proactively manage and reduce their cybersecurity risks while promoting business growth.

We are excited to announce that Cymulate ASM has been distinguished as a leader in this field, offering unmatched insight and control over the complex attack surfaces that businesses must navigate.

GigaOM’s recognition speaks volumes about the need for robust and dynamic ASM solutions that provide continuous visibility into an organization’s digital exposure. The Cymulate product suite is at the forefront of this innovation, equipped with the tools necessary to manage these complexities effectively.

Cymulate ASM Notable Features

Asset discovery is a standout feature of Cymulate ASM, offering comprehensive visibility into the assets that shape an organization’s online presence. The solution is meticulously designed to provide detailed insights into all public-facing services and applications, ensuring thorough security coverage.

Additionally, GigaOM highlights the platform’s ease of use. Cymulate ASM is tailored to empower users to manage their security environment confidently and efficiently, without a steep learning curve.

GigaOM has also identified autonomous penetration testing as a crucial feature in the future of ASM solutions. Cymulate fully supports this use case with its elaborate product suite of automated security validation solutions, which include Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) and Cymulate Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) products. These automated tools allow organizations to proactively validate their security controls against realistic and sophisticated threat scenarios.

GigaOM goes on to elaborate that “the platform’s flexibility is evident in its ability to handle standard ASM use cases and more specialized scenarios like security control validation and risk-profiled asset inventories based on aggregated data and findings of third-party products such as vulnerability scanners, asset databases, and endpoints.”

With Cymulate ASM, companies are not only equipped to face the cyber threats of today but are also prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. As GigaOM specifies, “prospective buyers should consider the platform’s seamless integrations, ease of use, and strong customer support.”

Validation with Context

Cymulate ASM provides critical context to the broader need for security validation. As organizations evolve their security operations with best practices of exposure management, security teams are integrating functions of detection engineering, blue teams, and vulnerability management with the core idea to identify the biggest gap and focus efforts to remediate the exposure before attackers can exploit it.

The Cymulate Exposure Validation platform drives this effort by integrating continuous discovery of attack surface, aggregated exposures reported by vulnerability management and other systems, and automated security testing with Breach and Attack Simulation and automated red teaming.

Cymulate Customers Say it Best

“Cymulate Attack Surface Management provides another pair of eyes for us to understand what an attacker sees when looking at our organization from the outside.” – Karl Ward, Head of Cybersecurity, LV=

“Under the workload our team experiences, Cymulate sheds light on what to focus on to constantly improve our cybersecurity posture.” – Ramon Clota Palacio, Director, IT and Security, Prevision Mallorquina

“Cymulate brings agility and confidence to the company’s cybersecurity posture.” – SecOps Manager, Financial Services

“Cymulate facilitates data-driven conversations at both the operations and business level. We can quantify the risk of doing business, justify compensating controls that reduce the risk levels and validate their effectiveness.” – Group Security Operations Manager, Quilter

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