Privilege Policy &
Identity and Access
Management (IAM)
Policy Validation​

Continuous, automated testing of an organization’s IAM policy

Privilege Policy & IAM Policy Validation Overview​

IAM tools have become a standard methodology for securely controlling access to company resources.
A threat actor
gaining control of a misconfigured or over-provisioned identity can access privileged
alter systems and potentially gain administrative control over the environment.

Cymulate provides assessments that show where a threat actor can obtain credentials and identity
information. Attack path maps visualize how an attacker can move throughout on-premises and
cloud environments.


IAM Policy Validation Challenges​

Ongoing tuning and maintenance of IAM technologies poses challenges​

Identities are a Primary Target

Identities are a Primary Target

Almost every attack leverages some form of credential abuse and privilege escalation to advance their attack

Constant Changes

Constant Changes

Changes in operations and users are constant​, making it difficult to protect user Identities, systems, and applications

Complex IAM Policies

Complex IAM Policies

IAM policies are highly complex, with multiple conditions, resources, and actions ​

Identity Escalation Risk

Identity Escalation Risk

Access to a single identity may provide access to more systems and data. A loss of Domain Control will be debilitating

Cymulate for IAM
Policy Validation​

Cymulate assesses the ability of IAM solutions to​
effectively restrict access to sensitive information​
and systems. Assessments provide businesses with
a way to safely assess and validate if policies are
operating accurately. Security teams can use trending
and benchmarking data to show compliance and
continuous improvement.

Capabilities of IAM Policy Validation​

Benefits of IAM Policy Validation

Risk Reduction​​
Test access management policies and address any loopholes in advance

See how authentication mechanisms can be bypassed and how far a user can advance

Track performance over time to quickly assess any emergent gaps

Learn More About Cymulate
Privilege Policy & IAM Policy

Overview of the Cymulate Privilege Policy & Identity and Access
Management (IAM) Policy Validation.

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Backed By the Industry

“I showed our board of directors the comprehensive visibility that Cymulate provides, and they told me that we needed it before I even had the budget to purchase it.”


Liad Pichon, Director of Cybersecurity, BlueSnap

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“Cymulate has been helping me to evaluate my security posture against behavior based as well zero day threats.”
– IT Security & Risk Management Associate

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“Technical capabilities provided are outstanding, customer service is highly responsive and product mgmt. is flexible in supporting us with our requests.”
– Security Operations Analyst

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“The Cymulate BAS is delivering excellent outcomes, contributing significantly to enhancing my security effectiveness.”
– IT Security & Risk Management Associate

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“My experience with the platform was exceptional. It delivers on its promises with easy navigation, effective mitigation steps, and top-notch after sales support.”
– Chief Risk Manager

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“Always willing to help offering training sessions and encourage use of the product’s additional available features.”
– Senior Software Engineer

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“I believe that Cymulate brings a vision of risks, vulnerabilities and actions that we are unable to pay attention to in our work day.”
– Security Operations Specialist

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“The range and breadth of attack scenarios, potential targets and how well each tool integrates is really excellent.”
– Penetration Tester

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“We had an excellent experience with Cymulate, from product deployment to while using the platform.”
– Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

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“Awesome customer Support and techniques used by Cymulate to identify security gaps.”
– IT Security & Risk Management

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