The Challenge: Validating Your SIEM and SOAR

Security analysts are tasked with staying ahead of the growing quantity and variety of emerging threats.

At the cornerstone of the security operations center (SOC) is a security information and event management (SIEM) system or a security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) system that enables security analysts to effectively investigate incidents while avoiding wasting time on false positives. Both SIEMs and SOARs must be continuously validated and refined to ensure that the underlying technologies that enable them are accurately detecting malicious behaviors. 

The Solution

With Cymulate Extended Security Posture Management, companies can validate and optimize SIEM and SOAR performance. Cymulate facilitates continuous purple and red teaming by launching attack scenarios and campaigns that operationalize the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

Through API–based integrations, the attacks are correlated with SIEM and SOAR findings, enabling analysts to easily ascertain if the relevant events are being displayed by the SIEM and SOAR or if an alert was properly triggered. An organization’s custom queries can be imported into Cymulate to validate their detection of malicious behaviors and provided Sigma rules enable analysts to create new rules or fine-tune existing ones based on their indicators of behavior. 


Optimize SIEM
and SOAR Performance

Update and fine-tune SIEM and SOAR analysis with provided indicators of behavior (IoBs) and Sigma rules

Import Custom Queries

Seamlessly correlate custom SIEM and SOAR queries to attack simulations through API integrations

Reduce Alert Fatigue

Reduce false positives and improve SIEM and SOAR detection efficacy proactively, based on attacks

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SIEM Validation: How the Sumo Logic + Cymulate Integration Works

When integrated with Sumo Logic, Cymulate increases a security team’s efficiency through dynamic, customizable dashboards and more

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Solution Brief

How Breach and Attack Simulation Enhances Your SOC

Integrating a breach and attack simulation platform with your SOC empowers your team to unify actionable information and improve your security posture.
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Tines's Report: Improve Security Analysts’ Effectiveness and Job Satisfaction with Cymulate

Get the infographic that outlines the most pressing difficulties of security analysts and what Cymulate can do to alleviate them.
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