You Can’t Defend
What You Don’t See

Attack Surface Management discovers and defines
assets to be defended​


Cybersecurity controls are complicated to
configure and maintain. Organizations must
continuously understand their attack surfaces and
test for breach feasibility.

Cymulate provides a flexible solution that scales
to address an everchanging attack surface.
When used with security validation a company
cannot only understand their vulnerabilities but
also if their security controls are able to detect
and alert on malicous activity.

asm model

Why Cymulate Attack surface Management?


Includes multi-tenant and multi-environment capabilities, automation, and advanced attack scenarios ​


Incorporates attack surface coverage, attack scenarios, and attack campaigns


Covers security control validation and exposure risk assessment


Provides pre-built templates, thousands of scenarios, and one management pane ​


Scanning and identification of gaps

Risk Mapping
Vulnerability Discovery, Misconfiguration Detection

Findings by severity and asset identity

The Cymulate Attack
Surface Management

Discovery, Classification, and Remediation Guidance

  • A responsive dashboard shows the current state of organizational attack surface​
  • An intuitive user interface provides an easy drill down into details​
  • Top findings by severity and asset identity​
  • Distribution graphing for multi-tier quantification ​

Beyond Vulnerability Scanning

Discovery of vulnerabilities to patch is a critical component in cybersecurity resilience, but the sheer number of vulnerabilities that are found can be overwhelming. Cymulate ASM discovers misconfigurations and attack surfaces, aiding in prioritization of the vulnerabilities for more effective and efficient patching programs​.

Assets –
Shadow IT

Missconfigurations – Vulnerabilities

Continuously Updayed Data


The attack surface constantly changes, requiring organizations to plan for an react to these changes.
Cymulate provides extensive attack simulation and immediate threat testing across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure and supports a wide variety of operating systems.



  • Internal Systems
  • Legacy Applications
  • User Networks


  • IaaS
  • Containers
  • Serverless/APIs


  • Remote Workers
  • Shared Services
  • Cloud Storage


Asset Discovery

  • Identify visible systems, applications, interfaces, domains
  • Automation without survey-based auditing​
  • Branching-Scan technology – new assets lead to discovering more assets​
  • Correlate threat intel with assets discovered


Vulnerability and Misconfiguration Discovery

  • Probing frameworks, libraries, applications for vulnerable assets​
  • Correlate known threat intelligence to identify potential attack paths​
  • Identify misconfigurations ​
  • Discover possible fraudulent domain registrations
  •  (phishing, spoofing, etc.)​



  • Automated Technical and executive reporting available natively​
  • Custom dashboards and reporting​
  • Mapping to MITRE ATT&CK®

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Cymulate ASM

Discover which digital assets are exposed to adversaries.
Prevent threat actors from accessing, exploiting, and
collecting information during the reconnaissance phase
of an attack.

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Backed By the Industry

95% OF BAS Reviewers Recommend

4.8/5 Rating for Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Tools

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Cymulate Recognized as Top Innovation Leader

F&S recognized in their Frost RadarTM Global BAS, 2022 report

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Jorge Ruão | Head of Security Operations,

" As Euronext’s cybersecurity team, we know that cybersecurity is always a work in progress. Cymulate allows us to fill a gap that for a long time was not closed directly, but only indirectly with other security controls. We recommend anyone looking for a breach and attack simulation platform turn to Cymulate. "

Avi Branch | IT Support Technician,

" Many times, our CISO or senior members would come to security operations after reading about a new threat or APT group in the news, asking are we at risk? Cymulate enables us to answer
quickly and confidently with the Immediate Threats module and attack simulations. "

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Cymulate provides the leading
BAS solution to validate
across all cybersecurity defenses​

From email filters, through endpoint controls and data exfiltration defenses; Cymulate provides real-world attack testing that is safe and effective​.

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