Every executive team — regardless of company size — cares about business risk.  Executive teams and their boards must be continually aware of the latest cybersecurity threats, because the impact of a data breach is company-wide, ranging from business disruption, direct financial loss, and impairment of customer trust and brand reputation. Cyber incidents can have a direct impact on company valuations. In an NYSE Governance survey, 4 percent of respondents would not consider acquiring a company that has recently suffered from a high profile data breach, or at significantly lower valuation.

Cybersecurity isn’t simply a “technology or compliance issue.” It’s a matter of protecting the entire business from cybercriminals who are committed to stealing or destroying valuable assets for a profit. Significant issues lie in the lack of communication and transparency between CISOs and board executives, resulting in cyber weaknesses going undetected or worse, untreated as board members place inadequate priority and budget allocation on the cybersecurity landscape.

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