Phishing Awareness

Simulate phishing campaigns to raise employee awareness



Simulate socially engineered phishing attacks to increase employee awareness.


Track employee actions, step by step, to identify those that are quick to click and require further education.


Improve employee awareness with feedback and take corrective actions against repeat offenders.


Improve employee security awareness to socially engineered attack campaigns.  

  • Reduce risk to phishing attacks by maintaining employee vigilance
  • Identify employees that are susceptible to phishing scams more than others 
  • Test susceptibility to different types of scams from a large library of templates, landing pages and attachment types or create your own 
  • Safe to run in production 
Phishing Awareness

Phishing Vector

Cymulate’s Phishing Awareness vector helps you assess your employees’ awareness to socially engineered attack campaigns.

Phishing attacks (including spear phishing, ransomware, BEC or CEO fraud) use social engineering to infiltrate and compromise corporate and production environments. That’s why it is important to raise the awareness of employees regarding cyber-attacks using social engineering methods such as DHL or Microsoft themed attacks.

Cymulate’s Phishing Awareness vector is designed to evaluate your employees’ security awareness. It simulates phishing campaigns and detects weak links in your organization. Since it is designed to reduce the risk of spear-phishing, ransomware or CEO fraud, the solution can help you to avoid data breaches, minimize malware-related downtime and save money on incident response.

Furthermore, legitimate websites developed in an unsecure manner are also being compromised and used to spread malware and other attacks.

Common forms of web-based 
attacks include:
Awareness among employees is tested by creating and executing simulated, customized phishing campaigns enabling you to detect who are quick to click in your organization.
The phishing simulation utilizes ready-made out-of-the-box templates or custom-built templates assigned to a corresponding landing page with dummy malicious links.
Following the test, a report summarizes statistics and details of employees who have opened the email or have clicked on the dummy malicious link, enabling organizations to identify hazardous email.
Knowing who failed the test will give you a sense of the effectiveness of the security training and how to improve the efficacy of the education program.

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Solution Brief

Phishing Awareness Vector

The Cymulate Phishing Awareness vector simulates real-life phishing campaigns in which employees might click on and fall victim to within your organization.



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