Immediate Threats

Keep pace with threat evolutions



Deploy real threats constructed by Cymulate researchers to be launched in a contained and safe manner.


Pre-exploitation security controls and endpoint security protections against real threats.


Prioritize vulnerabilities exploited by immediate threats and optimize compensating controls.


Expedite security testing of immediate threats
and keep up with threat evolutions 

  • Save time on threat research with prepackaged threat intelligence-led assessments including samples, IoC’s CVE’s, detections and mitigations  
  • See which machines are exploitable and if compensating controls are effective 
  • Validate security efficacy safely in production and get test results in seconds 
  • Updated daily 
Immediate Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence-Led Testing

Every day, new payloads and attacks show up in the wild, orchestrated by known and unknown hostile entities, and while security leaders would like a clear and validated answer to every threat, their security team is unable to research and operationalize threat intelligence fast enough and/or are unable to test security control efficacy at a high enough pace.

Cymulate Immediate Threat Intelligence module replaces these manual processes by providing a prepackaged fully automated assessment of new threats, that are updated daily in the platform by Cymulate Labs researchers. Assessments includes the following:

Pre-exploitation attacks of the threat used to test email and web security controls.

Endpoint security threat samples detection/removal.

Indicators of compromise.

Vulnerabilities exploited by the threat and vulnerable assets, thru integrations with VA/VS systems.

Detection and mitigation guidance.
The assessments use real samples but are constructed to run in production safely.
The results of the assessments provide a clear answer to the risk they create. Do they exploit existing vulnerabilities that are present on endpoints in the network? And are security controls able to detect or block these threats?
The immediate threats test help organizations to prioritize remediation and security control optimization based on validated results. It also correlates the findings of EDR and SIEM to each attack in addition to the incident playbooks triggered in SOAR.
Technical reports provide the result of every attack launched and their success or failure to bypass the security control. Standards-based risk scoring and mitigation guidance enable IT and security teams to identify security gaps, prioritize mitigations and take corrective measures to increase security control efficacy.

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APT-Ready in Four Steps: Your Action Plan

Learn how to establish a continuous, repeatable system to defend SMB and enterprise networks with Cymulate.



Defending Against Immediate Threats

With Cymulate’s technology, you can simulate the latest cyber threat to see if and how it penetrates your organization, giving you immediate answers to immediate threats.


Case Study

Euronext Secures Trading with Breach and Attack Simulation

Learn how simulations of the latest immediate threats, across the company’s infrastructure, enable Euronext to benefit from breach and attack simulation.


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