Log4j Resilience

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Fast Tips to Combat Log4j Vulnerability Exploit

Cymulate helps organizations assess their risk and ensure their defenses against Log4j.


Find internal and 3rd party usage of Log4j vulnerable configurations. Don’t forget that many 3rd party platforms which use Apache may also use Log4j.


Apache Software Foundation has released a patch that must be installed as soon as possible, as well as an updated version of the impacted library, Log4j 2.15.0, for all those who are managing Apache servers.


Cymulate operationalizes simulated attacks against organizations' Apache servers (and the rest of their infrastructure) to test their cyber defenses and find out whether this vulnerability exists and can be exploited before threat actors do.

What Cymulate can do for you:

1 Reconnaissance and Attack Surface Management
Scan for known and unknown vulnerable, internet-facing systems and devices.
2 WAF Validation
Safely test inbound app proxies and servers for vulnerabilities. Make sure your WAF blocks these payloads.
3 Advanced Purple Team Scenarios
Targeted attack scenarios can be created and customized to determine if Log4j vulnerabilities are exploitable on internal systems for a threat actor to gain an internal foothold.
4 Immediate Threats Intelligence
A detection simulation of the first attack discovered that uses Log4j (named Log4Shell) that you can run safely within your production environment.

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Explanation of Log4Shell Attack

Breaking down the Log4j attack and sharing remediation prevention.

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Responding to Major Vulnerabilities

Learn how to run vulnerability discovery, validate your security controls, and how to prioritize vulnerability patching and minimize risk exposure.

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Addressing Log4j Vulnerability

Cymulate provides four critical methodologies to determine if your organization is at risk.

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