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Ransomware is on the Rise


Percentage of organizations
hit by a ransomware attack
in 2021 (Claroty x Forbes)


The total cost of a ransomware
breach was an average of $4.62
million in 2021, not including
a ransom. (IBM)


Globally, there were 304.7
million ransomware attacks
in the first half of 2021, a 151%
increase since 2020.

Ransomware Interviews

Chris Roberts

There are some definitive things we can do to shore up enterprise cybersecurity to either prevent these attacks or at the worse make an attack easy to recover from.

Christopher Burgess

To Pay or Not to Pay, government sanctioned cyberterrorism, stories from the trenches, and the choices you can make today to help your security in the future.

Seth Hammerman

Most common entry points for ransomware and prescriptive best practices to prevent ransomware.

Bryan Hurd

How governments can act to fight ransomware.

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