How Will You Focus Your Security Spending in 2019?

As the person in charge of your organization’s security, you are having sleepless nights troubled by visions of becoming a victim of a destructive cyberattack or being trashed in the media after a breach. You worry about strengthening the security posture of your organization which requires implementing the right security solutions.  The solutions are your only offense to protect the organization’s valuable assets, and it all rests on your shoulders.The fact that you have to work with a dedicated budget that is never enough, makes it even more complicated.

With so many concerns and solutions to choose from, what should you buy? Buying a new End Point Security solution, a deception tool, or a next-generation X solution?

Of course, if you could, you would choose them all! But unfortunately, your budget is limited and you must make the hard decisions.

So how can you be sure that you are picking the right solution? Or placing your budget in the right place? Will you overprotect some areas of your network while highly vulnerable in others? What about the overlap of products that cover the same areas?

You are putting effort and spending time researching and meeting with various vendors and integrators before finally buying the best-of-breed security solutions. But once purchased, what do you do? You “take them out of the box” and let them run with their default configuration. Like many, you might integrate a solution using the vendor’s recommended settings without adjusting and tailoring it to fit your organization’s architecture.

The majority of assessments and research report that organizations only utilize about 30% of the capabilities that their current security solutions provides. Now let’s imagine you have the following:

  • A system that can verify your security posture and controls automatically.
  • An advanced technology that allows your team to launch simulations of cyberattacks against your organization at any given time, immediately exposing vulnerabilities and providing mitigation procedures to close each gap.
  • Reveal the overlap of security products and show vulnerability gaps.
  • Advise on the RIGHT security solution that you actually need.

There is so much that Cymulate can do for you! When using Cymulate’s unique Breach and Attack Simulation platform, you can verify your organization’s security posture at any time against many forms of attacks that cybercrooks use in their attack vectors, including the latest methods and payloads. The results of the attack simulations include a list of mitigations that are needed to boost the organization’s security posture.

Such a list includes some simple configuration changes and rule-setting that will improve the efficiency of the security solutions you already have in place. It can also point you to the vendor or integrator that provided you with that specific vulnerable security solution. You can also use Cymulate’s platform for testing new security solutions prior to purchasing them during the POC stage. Why not test them thoroughly to know what you will get? Once you are wiser, it’s easy to ask the vendor or integrator to get the security solution with all the capabilities optimized for your organization.

This is how you can make educated decisions to improve the capabilities of the current solutions you have in place without spending money to purchase new solutions or better purchasing decisions focusing on your specific security needs identified through real-time results.

What better way to start a cybersafe new year?

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