Your Own Red Army

Don’t See Red – Opt for an Automated Red Team to Test Your Security Defenses

For some time now, companies have copied a proven military concept to test their cybersecurity. This concept is simple: A Red Team consisting of cybersecurity pros attacking the organization’s network and the Blue Team must stop these attacks. Organizations normally have their Blue Team (IT manager, cybersecurity staff etc.) in place, but when it comes to the Red Team, it’s complicated. To test the organization’s network for the latest and greatest multi-layered attacks, Red Team members must be experts being on top of the latest trends. Needless to say, having in-house or external cybersecurity experts on the payroll is not only expensive, but hard to find due to high demand and lack of qualified personnel. Enter the Automated Red Team.

Since automated tools have improved dramatically over the years, Automated Red Teaming has become a reality. It means that the cybersecurity posture of an organization is tested as effectively and intelligently as a human team member impersonating a hacker would. That’s why we see more and more solutions providing simulated attack capabilities that enable organizations big and small to have their own Red Team. It works extremely well, since Red Team Testing uses an offensive approach to perform a targeted attack against the organization from a cybercriminal or malicious hacker perspective. This means that the processes, security controls and people that make up the security posture of the organization are validated.

A true Red Team assessment is conducted using a black box approach, where the adversary has limited or no knowledge about the selected targets and scope – as would be the case for a real attacker. This is the only way to provide a realistic view of the organization’s security posture as experienced by an attacker operating inside or outside the organization.

Cymulate can provide any organization with its own Red Team to launch attacks at any time (24/7) using a number of attack vectors just like an attacker would use. This way, the organization’s true preparedness to handle cybersecurity threats are tested effectively. Using an offensive approach and defensive actions, critical vulnerabilities are exposed by simulating multi-vector cyberattacks from an attacker’s perspective, just as a human Red Team would. In short, with Cymulate’s Red Team capabilities, organizations can continuously test their cybersecurity posture against cyberattacks, global cyber campaigns and directed APTs.

Cymulate’s Automated Red Team acting as real-life attackers use the following tactics:

  • Attacking with emails containing real payloads and malware
  • Trying to browse to malicious websites
  • Setting up legitimate infected websites
  • Trying to bypass security controls protecting web applications
  • Sending phishing emails to try and trick employees
  • Attacking and trying to take control of endpoints
  • Conducting lateral movement within the organization
  • Trying to exfiltrate data outside the organization

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