Enterprise Security
Posture Validation

Manage and convey risk effectively at all
levels, based on facts not assumptions

End-to-End Enterprise Cyber-Risk Management

Report current and future changes in the organizations risk profile
Report changes in assets, vulnerabilities 
& threats

Executive Level

  • Prioritize business initiatives
  • Establish risk tolerance

How We Help

Take business decisions based on validated risk

Business Process Level

  • Manage risk
  • Approve security programs
  • Rationalize resources and budget

How We Help

Measure security programs impact on risk and ROI

Security Operations &
Implementation Level

  • Assure security controls and processes
  • Optimize threat prevention
  • Detection and mitigation

How We Help

Challenge, assess and optimize, security operations, and implementations

Problem: Quantifying Risk

Cybersecurity is a critical item on the agenda of business executives and the board. Business initiatives have a direct impact on the organizations risk profile, whether it’s a new productivity application or the merge of IT systems after an MnA. And yet, quantifying and conveying cyber risk to the business remains a challenge.


Extended Security Posture Management quantifies and monitors change to organizational cyber-risk created by business initiatives and threat evolutions in production.

Problem: Security Drift

Increased spend on cybersecurity technologies and operations does not guarantee to make organizations more secure. Vendor sprawl, product overlap and niche solutions introduce complexity and management overhead detrimental to the security of an organization.


Extended Security Posture Management discovers and prioritizes critical risk exposures and systematic weaknesses, to rationalize spend and prioritize resources.

Problem: Prioritization

Enterprises that attempt to protect all their digital assets and patch every vulnerability will waste an incredible amount of resources and will probably fail. The practical approach is to protect against the known, invest more in protecting critical assets and develop good detection and response capabilities, can you be sure of even that?


Extended Security Posture Management shows you which assets are exposed to attack so that you can better protect critical assets and fix attackable vulnerabilities first.

Security Assurance Model

Be confident that enterprise security; people, processes and technology are
protecting the dynamic business environment against evolving threats effectively and continuously.


Assess your current state to establish security baseline


Maximize your security posture and close gaps in security baseline


Rationalize your spend on technology, people and process


Detect and prevent security regressions, assure optimal operational effectiveness

Extended Security Posture Management

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