How CISOs Can Respond to 2019 Threats and Improve ROI

Hint: It’s Continuous and Automated. How have threat tactics evolved in 2019? And how can security managers stay ahead of the latest cyber attacks while getting more security per buck? Answers within.

As observed in ransomware hold-ups, credential-stealing malware and sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaigns, 2019 has seen malware evolving around three main trends:

  • Evasion-by-design – Malware strains increasingly use file obfuscation and encrypted communications to evade AVs and endpoint security controls, respectively.
  • Living-off the land (LOTL) – A rising number of variants exploit legitimate system tools, enabling malware to run completely from memory (RAM).
  • Jack-in-the-Box – Underground botnet-as-a-service offerings enable cybercriminals to repeatedly push out new malware to already-infected systems.

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