Anxiety-Free Vulnerability Management with Magda Chelly

Leverage Attack Based Vulnerability Prioritization to find vulnerabilities and reduce risk.

With almost 30,000 new vulnerabilities discovered this past year alone, (a 600% increase than found just last decade!), these new vulnerabilities are in addition to the total number of previously known CVEs.

The time between exploit announcement to use in exploits has also rapidly dropped, sometimes to mere hours.

Our ability to assess, prioritize and mitigate our enterprises against vulnerabilities, using existing first and third-party controls is essential.

Dave Klein and Dr. Magda Chelly discuss how Extended Security Posture Management, with its unique Attack Based Vulnerability Management capabilities, allows enterprises to handle vulnerabilities easily, quickly, and effectively.

Join the conversation to learn how Attack Based Vulnerability Assessment can be used to:

About Magda Chelly: Dr. Magda Chelly is an award-winning global cybersecurity leader. IFSEC Global has listed her as one of the top 20 most influential cybersecurity personalities globally, in 2017 and 2021. After years of experience as Information Security Officer in several multinational organizations, she is a co-founder of a cybersecurity start-up, Responsible Cyber.