Cymulate 2021 State of Cybersecurity Effectiveness


In simulating over one million, real-world attacks in enterprise environments globally, we’ve gained a 360° view of the security gaps in digital infrastructures as well as the effectiveness of enterprises in closing those gaps.

Watch this webinar where we review our Cymulate 2021 State of Cybersecurity Effectiveness.


1. In-depth understanding of the top threats and attack vectors seen in 2021
2. How capable enterprises were in detecting, fending them off, or remediating against them to improve their overall cybersecurity and reduce risk. What was easy and what was difficult
3. Overview by industry vertical and geography, highlighting strengths and weaknesses among each. Prescriptive, data-driven advice on how to improve and what to focus resources on, to maximize defensive capabilities and risk reduction
4. Threat-actor behaviors and difficult-to-remediate techniques, tactics, and procedures
5. Key insights and takeaways for organizations for 2022

Watch the webinar now.