December Threat Research Lab Update – Top Threats


This month Mike and Dan take on recent cyberthreats in the news this month including the LogoFAIL vulnerability, the fuel hack in Iran and AlphaV ransomware. 


About the Threat Research Lab Updates:

Each month, Mike DeNapoli, Cybersecurity Architect, and Dan Lisichkin, Threat Intelligence Expert & Infosec Researcher dive into the attacker tools emerging as the most prolific and highest risk in the threat landscape. We’ll showcase a few that stand out from our continuous examination of the threat landscape and research performed by our highly experienced and diverse researchers. We’ll evaluate how these tools work, the phases of intrusion, the threat actor profile (who did it, motivations, origin, why they chose their targets), and how the attack propagated. Furthermore, we’ll provide clear demonstrations of how we detected and replicated the attack propagation using the advanced capabilities of the Cymulate platform.