Webinar – How to Automate, Customize and Scale your Red Team Activities


Traditional Red Teaming is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and takes your top-skilled cybersecurity professionals away from other high-value tasks.

In most cases, traditional Red Teaming can’t be used to test across production environments with the same agility and comprehensiveness as an enterprise would see when real threat actors attack. Red team automation allows you to automate, scale, and customize exercises to be more comprehensive yet easier and faster to run while also helping to blue teams to also better prioritize and remediate gaps found.

Watch this webinar with Cymulate’s Dave Klein, Director and Cyber Evangelist, and Red Teaming Expert Jessica LaBouve to learn:

* Challenges of traditional red teaming.

* Critical elements that make red teaming automation essential and easily adoptable.

* Benefits of incorporating red team automation.